Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre is one of the most modern trade fair centres in the world and one of the largest in the Middle East. More than 100 exhibitions, conferences, live events and weddings draw around 1.8 million visitors to the ADNEC every year. Highly flexible interior spaces offer endless opportunities for exhibitions and events of all kinds. Extensive conference and banqueting hall facilities are situated within the complex. This site covers some 73,000 m², split over 12 interlinked halls, including a banqueting capacity for up to 800 guests, as well as parking for 8450 vehicles.


    FUNCTION: Trade fair and events arena

    OPENING: 18/02/2007

    TOTAL AREA: 133.000 m2

    COVERED AREA: 73,000 m2

    OPEN-AIR SPACE: 55,900 m2

    SPECIAL FEATURES: Largest trade fair venue in the Middle East


    APPLIANCES: 560 F3-1 solar collectors

    ABSORBER AREA: 1120 m²

    OUTPUT: > 900 kW

    BUFFER CYLINDER: 4 x 20,000 l


    INVESTMENT: € 1.8 million

    PAYBACK PERIOD:8 years



    CO₂ REDUCTION: 290 t/year

The solar thermal plant is installed on the fl at roof of the nine story multi-storey car park of the five-star hotel of the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. It comprises a total of 560 collectors with a total absorber area of 1120 m² delivering an output of in excess of 900 kW. Four horizontal buffer cylinders, each with a capacity of 20,000 litres, have been installed as energy stores for night time and very rare cloudy days. Four stainless steel cylinders each with a volume of 2000 litres were installed downstream, to cover peak loads. The system is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system and can also be operated via mobile devices or the internet.

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