Agrana corn starch
Aschach an der Donau, Austria

Aschach an der Donau, Austria

In October 2017, the company AGRANA opened a new corn starch plant at its site at Schach an der Donau, Austria. AGRANA invested around 80 million euros to increase its processing capacity by a third to 540,000 tonnes of corn per year. 

The Schach plant processes corn to create high-quality products for further processing. Corn starch is mainly used for technical applications (e.g. paper, cosmetics, and construction). It is also used in the food industry to create products like noodles or baked goods. AGRANA makes starch from corn, potatoes and wheat at five production sites around Europe. It sells 2.5 million tonnes of starch products to 2,000 customers around the world in over 20 different industries.

Having an adequate supply of fresh air and sufficient air circulation plays a vital role in the production processes at the processing facilities. The air conditioning and ventilation concept was prepared by TBD Engineering GmbH, Linz. WOLF provided a number of impressive references from comparable projects and recommendations from a wide range of operators. AGRANA’s project managers and the systems installer Gauleiter, based in Kopfing, Austria, decided to award the contract to WOLF. The client required 361,000 m3 of conditioned air to be supplied to different areas of the building per hour. Seven centralised units for outdoor installation in the KG TOP W series ensure that the different areas of the building are supplied with air in an energy-efficient and precise manner.


    Name: AGRANA ASCHACH corn starch plant

    Measure: expansion work

    Ventilation and air handling units: WOLF Klima- und Heiztechnik GmbH, Linz

    Project year: 2017


    Appliances: Seven centralised units for outdoor installation in the KG TOP W series with AGRANA green powder coating 

    Total air volume: 361,000 m3/h

    Heat recovery: 762 kW

    Heating output: 1444 kW

    Building services planner: TBP Engineering GmbH, 4020 Linz

    System installer: Gahleitner Installationen GmbH, Kopfing

    Client: AGRANA


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