Amalienbad Vienna
Vienna, Austria

The Amalienbad, probably one of the earliest of Vienna’s swimming pools, can be found on the Reumannplatz in district 10, Vienna. The indoor pool was built in the Art Deco style in the mid 1920s and features impressive architecture and an enormous glass roof. This swimming pool is named Amalienbad after councillor Amalie Pölzer who died in 1926. The architecture of the swimming pool leans heavily on that of Roman baths. The Amalienbad recently underwent substantial modernisation. Important components of the modernisation work included three WOLF swimming pool air handling units with integral refrigeration technology.


    FUNCTION: Indoor swimming pool

    CONSTRUCTION PERIOD: 1923 - 1926

    SPECIAL FEATURES: One of the largest swimming pools in Europe that could accommodate around 1300 visitors

    ARCHITECTS: Karl Schmalhofer and Otto Nadel


    APPLIANCES: 2 x KG Top 190, 1 x KG Top 159

    AIR VOLUME: 190.000 / 15.750 m³ each



    Savings in energy and water costs of around € 1 million per year

KG Top air handling units are specially equipped to meet the stringent requirements expected for modern swimming pools. The key elements are an efficient heat recovery system and an integral dual-circuit refrigeration system designed as a heat pump, featuring semi-hermetic piston compressors and pool water condensers. The energy drawn from the extract air can be supplied either to the incoming supply air and/or the pool water by appropriate control. The cooling capacity can be almost infinitely varied between 25 and 100 % by means of cycled valve lifting in the compressors.

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