Antenne Bayern / Rock Antenne
Munich, Germany

Here rocks the WOLF: Air conditioners for Rock Antenne

As the saying goes: "With radio you always reach the right people. Radio. Goes in the ear. Stay in your head." Germany's most listened to private radio station comes from Bavaria. Around 3.432 million listeners a day switch to the frequencies of ANTENNE BAYERN - whether in the car, at work or at the kitchen table. No less successful is the special-interest channel ROCK ANTENNE, the second programme from the ANTENNE BAYERN Group and the first nationwide rock radio station since 1999. The ever-increasing listenership and the expansion of the broadcasting areas of the rock station go hand in hand with an increased spatial demand. A central component of the expansion measures: a powerful air conditioning and ventilation unit. A project that not only placed high demands on efficiency and quality, but also on speed and flexibility.

The request came at the end of January. The required air volume and fresh air proportion, the room conditions and a Google Earth photo of the building location were all that the WOLF sales staff had available for the initial conception of the air conditioner. The device was already delivered and connected at the beginning of May. The unit consists of two sizes built on top of each other - a KG Top 43 W and a KG Top 170 W - and is completely built on a ten metre long and differently wide, galvanised steel static base frame, which was fitted with special lifting arms. This allowed the air conditioner to be lifted onto the building in one piece. The KG Top 43 W is a supply and exhaust air unit with integrated refrigeration unit and plate heat exchanger and transports an air volume of 2,000m3/h. It complies with the VDI 6022 guideline for electrical outdoor air preheating (hygienic outdoor air exchange). The KG Top 170 W is a circulating air unit with an air output of 9,000 m3/h. The air is humidified by means of a steam lance. A laterally pre-mounted unit contains the necessary electric steam generator. The dehumidification cooling unit is equipped with an external condenser. In addition, a special mounting frame was built on the unit on which the two heat pump units with inverter technology for convection cooling and heating are mounted. The switch cabinets are also located in a pre-assembled unit. All units were completely wired and piped at WOLF.


    Name: ANTENNE BAYERN Group, Ismaning, Germany

    Function: Private radio station

    Measure: Expansion and extension measures

    Goal: powerful air conditioning and ventilation unit for increased space requirements

    Special features: Designed as double unit with external air conditioning incl. heat recovery, air dehumidification, electrical external air preheating to avoid external air filter freezing according to VDI 6022 and recirculation unit with heat pump, completely wired and piped delivery in one piece.

    Project year: 2017



    Unit: KG Top 43W Supply and extract air unit with integrated cooling and plate heat exchanger acc. to VDI 6022 KG Top 170W Recirculation air unit with steam lance

    Circulating air volume: 9,000 m³/h Outside/exhaust

    air volume: 2,000 m³/h

    Heat recovery: 23 kW (heating)/-3.8 kW (cooling)

    Heat output heat pump: 2 x 6 kW

    Total cooling capacity: 30 kW

    Building services planner: GFI Gesellschaft für Ingenieurplanung mbH, Munich Plant

    manufacturer: WBE-Facility Management GmbH, Ismaning Client: AGROB Immobilien AG