Academy of Art and Design
Enschede, Netherlands

With around 3000 students and 850 staff, the Academy of Art and Design (ArtEZ) is the largest art college in the Netherlands. In April 2013, ArtEZ moved into its new home in Enschede. The building complex of a former textile mill belonging to the SA Twentsche Textile Society “Teten” dating from 1915 has been transformed into a new, permanent site for art, media and design. A key element in the modernization and conversion of this historic industrial building was the integration of several air handling units from WOLF Mainburg, supplied as fully functioning, ready-to-connect, one-piece air handling centres in line with customer requirements.


    Motto: Artistic freedom, experiment and (international) interaction

    FOUNDED: 2006

    SPONSORSHIP:ArtEZ Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten

    STUDENTS: 350-450



    • total supply air 38,140 m³/h,
    • total extract air 31,740 m³/h

    HR SYSTEM: thermal wheel heat exchanger

    HR: 311 kW

The WOLF systems were completely assembled on fully galvanized, welded base frames, with integrated control unit, high efficiency heat recovery system (HR class H1 to EN 13053) and EC fans (P class P1 to EN 13053), fitted with an integrated cooling system and fully wired at the factory. The dual-circuit compressor, set with semi-hermetic piston compressors, was also assembled into a compact unit, pressure tested, evacuated and charged with R407C refrigerant at the factory. The installation and commissioning onsite only required the connection on the air side, the connection of the power supply and the connection of miscellaneous services.


Universities & schools

In many educational institutes, WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems are responsible for providing the perfect indoor environment and therefore a pleasant atmosphere for learning and training.

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