DFS-Center Munich, Germany

The DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is a federally owned company, according to private law, employing a staff of around 6000. The DFS ensures safe and punctual aviation. Daily, staff coordinate up to 10,000 aviation movements within German airspace, which translates into around three million per annum. As a result, Germany is the country with the densest air traffic in Europe. The Center der Deutschen Flugsicherung is equipped with high-tech facilities, resulting in above average electrical energy consumption. For the centre extension at the Munich airport, client, architect and TGA engineers managed to keep the specific energy consumption around 30 % below the requirements of the current Energy Saving Ordinance and 15 % below the higher specification of the Renewable Energy Act(EEG).


    NAME: Air Traffic Control Centre at Munich airport

    FUNCTION: Radar control centre

    MEASURE: Centre extension 


    • Length = 76 m
    • width = 59 m
    • height = 20 m

    AIM: Building to house up to 120 air traffic controllers

    PROJECT YEAR: 2012



    • 20 recirculating air handling units in sizes from 5600 to 35,000 m³/h with horizontal and vertical air routing and a total nominal air flow rate of 403,000 m³/h and 38 fans 
    • Four outdoor air units with 57,000 m³/h as two-stage hybrid return cooling units with return air bypass, with a total nominal air handling rate of 228,000 m³/h and 16 fans 
    • Six outdoor and exhaust air units as full air conditioning units with supply air humidification, indirect adiabatic vapour cooling, dehumidification refrigerant and heat recovery with re-cooling and reheating integrated in the RCS system, optimised for low temperature pumped hot water systems 38/24 °C, in sizes from 20,000 to 33,000 m³/h nominal airflow rate with a total of 146,000 m³/h nominal airflow rate and six fans, four supply air and extract air units as push fans up to 6900 m³/h with a total nominal flow rate of 27,600 m³/h

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