Domodedovo Airport

Moscow, Russia

This is the Russian capital’s largest airport, having a capacity of 35 million passengers per annum. It is also one of the largest international hubs in Europe: Moscow Domodedovo airport. In the course of the extensive expansion of the airport during 2012, the private operator banked on Western standards and the know how offered by WOLF GmbH. The existing system was replaced in its entirety by 50 advanced air handling systems from WOLF.


    FUNCTION: Airport

    OPENING: March 1964

    OPERATOR: East Line Group

    AREA: 1280 ha

    NO. OF PASSENGERS: 35 million (2012)

    PROJECT YEAR: 2012

    ARCHITECTS: Architekturbüro RMJM


    APPLIANCES: 50 air handling units


    • total supply air 600,000 m³/h
    • total extract air 500,000 m³/h

    SPECIAL FEATURES: Uniform room climate in the interior despite outside temperatures varying from -40 °C to +40 °C

Amongst the many technical requirements specified by the airport operators, priority was given to extremely high plant availability and operational reliability all year round. Specifically, the requirements were to create a comfortable and consistent room climate in the interior across all areas of the airport, irrespective of the wide ranging temperature fluctuations usually experienced in the Russian capital from -40 °C in winter to +40 °C in summer. Together, the WOLF handling units move 600,000 m³ supply air and 500,000 m³ extract air every hour.

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