Hermann Fleischlos
Ulrichsberg, Austria

Ulrichsberg, Austria

Advertisements for Hermann’s meat-free products are all over Austria. They follow the trend of sustainable food production and focus on short transport routes, cutting out waste and minimising water and energy consumption. They rely on air handling and ventilation units which that ensure that the processing of air and indoor air are suitable while meeting the most demanding hygiene standards.

During the planning phase, the client decided to use products offered by WOLF, which are designed in accordance with ÖNORM H6020. These products meet the requirements for use in hospital facilities.

The technology used in the heat recovery system selected by the client is particularly impressive. A high-performance run-around coil system, with a heat recovery rate of 68%, was selected due to its compliance with demanding hygiene standards. The unit was also fitted with a WOLF hydraulics control unit, which meticulously coordinates heat flows to optimise energy performance, regardless of the temperature or operating point.

As expected, the entire system was set up in exemplary fashion by Linz-based system installer SMALL Wärme-, Klima- und Sanitäranlagen GmbH and fine tuned in collaboration with the WOLF team. 


    Name: Hermann Fleischlos

    Measure: expansion work

    Special features: H6020-compliant hygiene standards High-performance run-around coil system heat recovery system

    Ventilation and air handling units: WOLF Klima- und Heiztechnik GmbH, Linz


    Appliance: H6020-compliant hygiene standards High-performance run-around coil system heat recovery system

    Total air volume: 18,570 m3/h

    Heat recovery: 133.3 kW

    Heating output: 78.1 kW

    Total cooling capacity: 117.8 kW

    Building services planner: Ökoplan Energiedienstleistungs-GmbH, Hartberg

    System installer: SMALL Wärme-, Klima- und Sanitäranlagen GmbH, Linz

    Client: Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH, Ulrichsberg


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In the workplace, concentration is important and the working atmosphere has to be right – WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems provide the perfect indoor environment.

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