Johann Cruijff Arena

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Johan Cruijff ArenA - until 2018 it was still called "Amsterdam ArenA" - is a sustainably designed multifunctional stadium and, with around 55,000 seats, the largest stadium in the Netherlands and the first in Europe with a folding roof. The arena receives more than 2 million visitors annually and is home to the AFC Ajax football club. The grandstands have an inclination of 37° and offer the spectators the advantage of being able to sit very close to the pitch. Since its opening in 1996, the Johan Cruijff ArenA has been constantly changing. In the context of the European Championship 2020 some games will be played here.

The technical installation

Below the stand ring are two ventilation units with a volume flow of 27,500 m³/h per AHU. The use of EC fans enables optimum room climate through highly efficient heat recovery in combination with energy efficiency. In addition to a heater and cooler, a cost-saving HR cross-flow plate changer with modulating bypass and recirculation valve is used for accelerated heating or free cooling. Of course, the HR plate changer is also equipped with energy-efficient EC fans. 

  • Abridged information

    Completion: 2017

    Function: Multifunctional stadium

    Measure: Equipment with ventilation units

  • System overview

    Unit: Ventilation unit AHU-TE 430

    Nominal volume flow: 27,500 m³/h

    Special feature: powerful ventilation unit for efficient free cooling and/or summer night ventilation