Moscow, Russia

WOLF provides air conditioning for the Kremlin; to be more precise the Kremlin Palace built in 1961 which today forms part of the government building complex in Red Square. In previous times, it was used for official receptions of the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union. Today, this palace is primarily used to host cultural events such as ballet, opera and concerts by famous artists. The interior of Kremlin Palace comprises 800 rooms, with the main hall that can seat 6000 taking up a substantial section of the interior area. It features a stage of some 450 m² on the upper floor. In addition, there is a festival hall above the concert hall which is sizeable enough to accommodate 4500 guests. The basement of the Palace is split onto several floors and contains cloakrooms and utility rooms across an elevation of 16 m.


    NAME: Kremlin Palace

    FUNCTION: Events building


    SPECIAL FEATURES: A stage of 450 m²

    NO. OF ROOMS: 800

    CAPACITY: The main hall alone seats 6000


    TOTAL AIR VOLUME: 1.6 million m³/h

    NUMBER OF APPLIANCES: Four air handling units in different model sizes from KG 40 to KG 1000 comprising 92 appliance components

The updated air handling technology packs a real punch: 92 appliance components, from model KG 40 to KG 1000, are assembled into four appliance combinations with 110,000 m³/h handling capacity each. Each air handling unit is equipped with two heater coils, as well as cooling coils, washer sections, mixed air and exhaust air components. These Wolf air handling units move a volume of no less than 1.6 million m³ of air each hour. The Kremlin Palace buildings hold a volume of around 250,000 cubic meters of air. Consequently stale air is changed 6 times every hour. No surprise, then, that a project with such dimensions would need a haulage fl eet that is no less impressive. The appliances made their way across the approximately 2000 km from Mainburg to Moscow on 35 articulated lorries.

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