Maritim Hotel
Düsseldorf Airport

Düsseldorf, Germany

For its 37 hotels operated inside Germany, the internationally renowned German hotel chain, Maritim, banks exclusively on combined heat and power generation. favis GmbH takes care of the construction and operation of the CHP units. The most recent project undertaken by the energy service provider from Essen was the commissioning of a CHP unit for the Maritim Hotel at Düsseldorf airport. For this it chose a GTK 240 made by the WOLF subsidiary Kuntschar + Schlüter, offering 237 kW electrical and 372 kW thermal output. The CHP unit achieves an electrical efficiency of 35.4% and utilises the natural gas with which it operates with 91% efficiency. The additional condensing heat exchanger delivers a further 54 kW heating output, increasing the overall efficiency – relative to the net calorific value of natural gas – to around 99%.


    OPERATOR: favis GmbH, Essen

    LOCATION: Maritim hotel, Düsseldorf airport


    • 533 rooms and suites
    • event capacities for up to 5000


    • Largest congress hotel in North Rhine Westphalia
    • direct access to the airport terminal

    APPLIANCES: GTK 240 CHP unit by Kuntschar + Schlüter with condensing heat exchanger downstream 7500 l buffer cylinder


    • electrical 237 kW
    • thermal 426 kW

    Energy cost savings approximately € 30,000/year


    Specific CO₂ emissions of the CHP unit during power generation 180 g/kWh

Combined with a 7500l buffer cylinder, the CHP unit can operate for around 7000 hours per annum. The unit generates almost 3 million kWh heat annually, representing around half of the thermal energy required by the hotel. It also generates 1.6 million kWh electricity per annum, of which between two and three percent are exported into the grid. The CHP unit covers around 30% of the hotel's electrical demand.

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