Innovative heat generators from Wolf at MMWOHNBAU

Lake Constance region, Germany

MMWOHNBAU is active in the region of Lake Constance, Upper Swabia and Hegau and has already planned and built more than 40 turnkey solid houses there. All houses are designed with a conclusive energy concept, which is based on the Energy Saving Ordinance and the amended Renewable Energy Act. In order to give customers an idea of the structural possibilities at the beginning of their planning phase, the company also built a furnished show house for demonstrations in the municipality of Bermatingen in 2018 as part of the construction of a new administration building. For this purpose, those responsible were looking for innovative, environmentally friendly heating equipment that was energy-efficient and visually appealing, as well as covering a wide range of installation options. The indoor climate expert Wolf was able to impress with its product range and supplied heat pumps and a hybrid heating system, among other things, for the exhibition from a single source. The demonstration units are in operation and are heating the show house and the administration building.

Large selection for the individually planned solid houses

MMWOHNBAU attaches great importance to providing security for building owners up to the handover of the keys and beyond by ensuring that the employees are always available as personal contacts for all trades throughout the entire construction period. The partner for the innovative and energy-efficient heating concept in the show house should also meet this high standard. The appliances were to be seamlessly integrated into the design concept of the house as well as optimally covering the heating requirements of the new buildings during operation. In Wolf, the company found a partner who, with the award-winning CHA Monoblock heat pump, the CHC 300 heat pump centre and the Wolf CGB-2 gas condensing boiler, supplied the matching, easy-to-install heat generators. The system specialist supported MMWOHNBAU right from the start with the planning and commissioning of the units. "We are very pleased that we can show our prospective customers a wide range of innovative appliances with these modern Wolf heating systems, all from one supplier. It was a further advantage for us that we therefore only had to deal with one central contact person during the entire project", explains Moritz Mayer, customer consultant at MMWOHNBAU. "We received practical and quick solutions for our wishes. In addition, Wolf gives a 5-year guarantee on every unit".

Quiet and clever heating

The heat pump and the gas condensing boiler were combined in a hybrid system. The Wolf CWL-400 Excellent residential ventilation system is also installed. To provide the necessary air supply for the CHA-Monoblock heat pump, the outdoor unit was placed on a platform in front of the house. Wolf developed the design of the housing together with star designer Espen Øino, who normally designs luxury yachts. The robust and visually very stylish construction blends seamlessly into the architecture of the house and, thanks to its UV-resistant coating, can withstand even extreme weather conditions. The specially shaped fan blades are based on the design of owl wings and, in combination with the low speed, ensure extremely quiet operation. They are quieter than 34 dB(A) at a distance of 3 metres - this means that the heat pump can be installed close to the house and also in densely populated residential areas without any problems.

  • Abridged information

    Project year: 2018/2019

    Measure: Equipment of a newly built show house. The residential house as well as the newly constructed administration building are heated with the connected heat generators.

  • System overview


    Heat pump CHA Monoblock

    Heat pump centre CHC

    Condensing boiler CGB-2

    Living space ventilation CWL-400 Excellent

Modern appliance technology brings many advantages

The unit uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290. The CHA Monoblock also received four seals of approval at the Plus X Award 2019 in the areas of quality, design, ease of use and functionality, and the jury also named it "Best Product of the Year 2019". With the Smartset App and the Wolf Portal, the heating system can be easily controlled via smartphone or PC. It can also be used to manage the CHC heat pump centre, which is installed as an alternative heating system in the show home. The compact device is available as a complete system in ten modular variants. A hot water and buffer storage tank is integrated in all models - the solution scores points with its space-saving and tidy appearance. If a photovoltaic system is available, it can also be connected to the heat pump using the Smart Grid Ready function, which makes use of low-cost, self-generated electricity for operation. The so-called EEBUS connection also allows the heat pump to be included in an integrated energy management system. This optimises energy consumption and increases internal consumption to a reasonable extent.

Reliable in operation and highly efficient

Another reliable heating option is the Wolf CGB-2 gas condensing boiler exhibited in the show house. Homeowners can choose whether to use only this or a hybrid system consisting of a combination with a heat pump. In the case of a hybrid heating system, the heat pump covers the basic heating load all year round using ambient heat and the condensing boiler catches the peak loads. But condensing heating is also profitable on its own. The appliance makes optimum use of gas as an energy source by also efficiently utilising the residual energy contained in the exhaust gas through so-called heat recovery. This is environmentally friendly and saves valuable energy. The gas condensing boiler has a space-saving design and is mounted on the wall. With the wide range of heating appliances from the room climate expert, the show house is optimally equipped and offers a suitable solution for every customer taste.