Netzaberg Housing Area
Eschenbach, Germany

The troop training ground Grafenwöhr is near the city of Grafenwöhr district Neustadt an der Waldnaab (Oberpfalz) in Bavaria. With its size of 226 square kilometres it is one of the largest troop training areas in Europe. In the immediate vicinity of this troop training ground, the “Netzaberg” housing area was created between 2006 and 2008 as part of the largest housing development in Europe to provide homes for 3600 US troops and their families. In just about two years, a completely new district of the city of Eschenbach was created comprising a total of 832 homes, together with garages and all services and the necessary infrastructure. Zapf GmbH of Bayreuth was responsible for the creation of this EUR 200 million project. The US Army has rented the properties for a period of ten years and taken out an option to extend the rental period by a further five years.


    FUNCTION: Housing development



    • 832 detached houses including garages
    • external landscaping
    • services and infrastructure


    GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Nordica Properties A/S, Denmark


    APPLIANCES: 832 x CGB-20 wall mounted gas condensing boilers including DHW cylinders

    OUTPUT RANGE: 19 to 22.9 kW

All 832 detached houses of the Netzaberg housing estate are supplied with central heating and domestic hot water from the 832 CGB-20 WOLF gas condensing boilers and accompanying DHW cylinders. The CGB wall mounted gas boiler combines environmentally responsible, energy efficient properties with a clean design and maximum operating, servicing and DHW convenience.

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