Air conditioning for automotive supplier Pollmann

Vitis, Austria

Tailor-made air conditioning for new factory and office building of an automotive supplier.

12 meter long air conditioning units aerates and vents the Pollmann production in Vitis. The globally active automotive supplier Pollmann International is considered the market leader in sunroof kinematics and electromechanical door lock housings. As one of the largest industrial employers in northern Austria, the company is looking to expand even further. As the expansion possibilities at the headquarters in Karlstein have been exhausted, the management decided to build another plant in Vitis, only 25 kilometres away. The powerful and at the same time flexibly adaptable Wolf KG Top and KG Flex air conditioning units are used for air conditioning the production area there as well as the common rooms, offices and measuring rooms.

Creating innovations on the basis of tradition

The automotive supplier Pollmann covers with its portfolio the five product areas roof, door, engine compartment, powertrain and e-mobility. The company's headquarters have been located in Austria for 130 years. The construction of a new production and office building on the 65,000 m2 site in Vitis serves to expand this base. The people in charge placed high demands on the air conditioning of the building: the equipment used had to be very flexible and efficient due to the large area of use and the limited space available in the production area. During the selection process, the variably dimensionale  and modular Wolf air conditioning and ventilation units were able to convince the planners, system builders and operators. In addition, the Wolf Easy Lifting System made installation much easier. The oversized unit for production air conditioning could thus be easily and safely lifted by crane to the operating site on the roof of the hall.

Ventilation and air conditioning units like a "tailor-made suit"

In the production area, the KG Flex solution will be used in the future, while the common area will be air-conditioned with KG TOP 159W Eco, the office with KG TOP 96W Eco and the measuring rooms with KG TOP 64 Eco. All units run together with a total air volume of 94,900 m³/h, a capacity of 1042 kilowatts for heat recovery and 195 kilowatts for cold recovery. After detailed coordination in advance, all air conditioning units were completely adapted to the installation situation in terms of size and function, thus meeting the highest demands on space utilisation and technology. "We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer, but also as a development partner. That's why we attach great importance to working with a partner who not only carries out but also develops the right solution for the situation on site together with us at the beginning. This has worked very well with Wolf," explains Herbert Auer, Managing Director of Pollmann International. Throughout the entire project, the planning office engineer Mario Molli Planungs-GmbH (Vöcklabruck), the plant construction company engineer Pischulti Heizung, Klima und Sanitär GmbH (Linz) and the Wolf project team including the installation team worked closely together.

  • Abridged information

    Project year: 2019

    Object: Pollmann Austria GmbH, Vitis

    Special feature: Largely dimensioned KG Flex device with the dimensions 12 meters by 4.4 meters by 5.5 meters. It was lifted onto the roof of the building with a crane using the Easy Lifting System.

  • System overview


    KG Flex for the production area

    KG TOP 159W Eco for common area

    KG TOP 96W Eco for the offices

    KG TOP 64 Eco for measuring rooms

    Air volume: in total 94.900 m³/h

    Heat recovery: 1,042 kW (cooling recovery: 195 kW)

Energy-efficient and flexible technology at once

The large KG Flex unit for ventilation of the production area is 12 metres long, 4.4 metres wide and 5.5 metres high. The solution is mounted on the hall roof and operates with an air volume of 80,000 m³/h and the highest energy recovery class H1. The built-in rotary sorption exchanger with a wheel diameter of 4,190 millimetres achieves a temperature recovery rate of almost 74 percent and a moisture recovery rate of 68 percent. The modern, dismountable unit design offers the best conditions for installation and maintenance and also allows the combination of different housing sizes. The high quality of the materials used meets all requirements for operational safety. The KG Top units also used offer more flexibility during installation thanks to their variable air connection options. Thanks to the modular design of self-supporting, fully galvanised functional units, they can be easily separated from one another again if required. Modern EC ventilators with stepless control of the air volumes guarantee up to 30 percent energy savings compared to conventional ventilators and thus a long-term operating cost advantage. The cooling machine section is separated from the air flow - this allows adjustment and service activities to be carried out even under operating conditions. The plant is thus optimally equipped for future operation.