Large-scale property development project


China has the largest population of any country on earth. With a total of 1.34 billion inhabitants, it’s population is more numerous than all of North America, Europe and Russia combined. Particularly in urban conurbations, affordable homes are scarce. As a result, the government intends to initiate major development projects to counteract high rental prices and the increasing migration of its people into the cities. WOLF GmbH has been increasingly active in the Chinese market since 2004, and as a result was able to equip several of these large-scale property development projects with technical equipment and services. The appliance most favoured was the efficient, compact and easy to install wall mounted gas condensing boiler. In the Guantang Yunding, Runze Shujun and Zonglvtan Villa housing estates alone, some 328 type CGB wall mounted gas condensing boilers were installed.


    FUNCTION: Large-scale property development project


    • Guantang Yunding
    • Runze Shujun
    • Zonglvtan Villa 

    SIZE: 328 residential units


    Guantang Yunding: 111 x CGB-50

    Runze Shujun: 147 x CGB-50/75

    Zonglvtan Villa: 70 x CGB-75/100

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