Rainbow Park
Wuppertal, Germany

The Rainbow Park, Wuppertal, is a popular sports and leisure centre with a wide range of activities on offer – from bowling to fitness. For the modernisation of building services, Rainbow Park decided in favour of know how from WOLF and our group member, Kuntschar + Schlüter. The central ventilation units replaced by a GTK 50 CHP unit with 50 kW electrical and 80 kW thermal continuous output plus seven KG Top appliances in the model sizes 43 – 190 including a building management system.


    COMPANY: Sports and leisure centre

    CHALLENGE: Replacement of the central ventilation unitsand installation of a CHP unit includingbuilding management system (BMS)

    PRIMARY ENERGY: Natural gas



    • 7 x KG Top (models 43 – 190) with heat recovery, thermal wheel heat exchanger or run-around-coil system
    • 1 x CHP unit GTK 50


    • Electrical CO 50 kW 
    • Thermal CO 80 kW

    CO₂ reduction: 157 t/year

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