Rheumatism clinic Bad Aibling

Rosenheim County, Germany


Energy-efficient comfort swimming pool device for Bad Aibling Rheumatism Clinic

The town of Bad Aibling is nestled in a magnificent mountain silhouette in the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps. Tourists and spa guests can expect numerous leisure activities and modern spa facilities, a varied cultural programme as well as opportunities for relaxing hiking and cycling. In addition to seven other clinics, the town is also home to the Bad Aibling Rheumatism Clinic. This is a rehabilitation clinic in which an experienced team of doctors and therapists treats patients with illnesses, disorders or the consequences of accidents on the body's support and movement system. Depending on the symptoms, forms of therapy such as group treatments in the exercise pool or aqua fitness courses are also used. In order to maintain the high quality of the local therapy environment, a basic overhaul of the swimming pool air conditioning system was carried out in 2017 with the installation of a new Wolf Comfort swimming pool unit CKL-Pool. It is particularly suitable for ventilating and deaerating as well as dehumidifying small enclosed swimming pools such as those in the clinic in Bad Aibling.

High quality through modernization of the swimming pool technology

The Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) Nordbayern is a reliable partner for prevention, rehabilitation, pensions and additional old-age provision in the northern part of Bavaria. It operates eight Bavarian rehabilitation centres which are certified according to the high quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and QMS-Reha® 3.0. The Rheumaklinik Bad Aibling also belongs to this group of clinics. In accordance with their own high expectations, the operators attach great importance to a particularly healing atmosphere during treatment. This also includes modern equipment for the treatment rooms required for the therapies and the swimming pool. "A rehabilitation clinic is inconceivable without the appropriate technology. This is why we pay attention to a high degree of quality and efficiency in the equipment we use," explains Josef Niehues, Commercial Director of the Bad Aibling Rheumatism Clinic. Those responsible decided in 2017 to modernise the outdated swimming pool air conditioning system. The new swimming pool unit CKL-Pool 30 GC from Wolf was planned by Klimax Lüftungs- und Klimaanlagen GmbH & Co. KG and installed it from February to March. The unit is coated on the inside and outside to protect it from corrosion caused by moisture and chlorine. In addition, the manufacturer supplied the product ready for connection, piped and wired, which made commissioning quick and easy.

Overcoming hurdles together

"Because of the very limited space available on site, we had to adapt the new unit and the surrounding ventilation technology accordingly," explains Peter Klein, Managing Director of Klimax. In order to cope with the challenging installation situation, Klimax brought the climate experts from Wolf on board as a partner. Together they were able to optimally adjust the device to the conditions in the swimming pool. "With the new technology, the Rheumaklinik Bad Aibling benefits from more convenience in operation, significant energy savings and better operating conditions for patients and staff," adds Klein. In future, the plant construction company will assume responsibility for function and operation.

  • Abridged information

    Project year: 2017

    Operator: German Pension Insurance North Bavaria

    Function: Bad Aibling Rheumatism Clinic

    Measure: Renovation of swimming pool air conditioning system

  • System overview

    Device: Swimming pool device CKL-Pool 30 GC

    Nominal volume flow: 3,000 m³/h

    Plant manufacturer: Klimax Lüftungs- und Klimaanlagen GmbH & Co. KG

    Special feature: powerful compact air conditioner for very limited installation situations with efficient heat recovery

Adjustable swimming pool dehumidification

The installed compact air conditioning unit is equipped with a plate heat exchanger made of corrosion-resistant polypropylene and continuously variable EC fans. This gives operators a new, more efficient solution with optimum efficiency that can be adapted precisely to changing operating conditions. There are three settings: Summer operation with dehumidification, winter operation with dehumidification and winter operation with heating. Depending on the humidity and outside air conditions in the indoor swimming pool, different values have to be maintained. These are in accordance with VDI 2089:

  • a room temperature between 30 and 34 degrees Celsius
  • a water temperature 2 to 4 degrees lower than the room temperature
  • a maximum absolute humidity of 14.3 g water/kg dry air.

In order to maintain these values, the swimming pool unit has a Direct Digital Control (DDC) controller with a user-friendly LCD display, which allows continuous and convenient adjustment of the unit settings. This allows users to define setpoints, limits, sensor types and other control characteristics using parameters. The swimming pool unit flushes with an air volume of 3,000 m³/h. This continuously removes humid room air. The solution dehumidifies with approx. 10 g/kg dry air. This protects the building substance from damage caused by accumulated moisture in the long term. The use of highly efficient heat recovery systems ensures sustainable operation for the Bad Aibling Rheumatism Clinic.