Sewage plant Mainburg

Mainburg, Germany

The sewage plant of Mainburg was generally overhauled between the 2000 and 2002. As part of this modernisation, the boiler dating from 1967 used to heat the digester and the service building was replaced by a modern WOLF CHP unit. No longer was it necessary to burn the sewage gas in a boiler, instead it was used to drive the CHP unit. The CHP unit is driven by an MAN engine and comes fully wired in a container. It generates 52 kW electrical and 80 kW thermal output.


    CUSTOMER: Betriebs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Mainburg

    PROJECT: Sewage plant Mainburg

    MODERNISATION: 2000 bis 2002

    TASK: Combined heat and power generation


    APPLIANCES: Combined heat and power unit with sewage gas as primary energy source


    • electrical 52 kW 
    • thermal 80 kW

    CO₂ REDUCTION: 157 t/year

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