Sports halls De Ruivert / Mondriaan

Oss, Nord-Brabant

The municipality of Oss has set itself the goal of becoming an energy-neutral municipality by 2050. All properties in this community will be made more sustainable in the coming years. At the end of 2017 the renovation of two old sports halls, De Ruivert and Mondriaan in Oss, began. Both have been completely renovated to comply with current laws and regulations. In addition to the building installation, insulation was improved and asbestos removed. All work was carried out during the school holidays.

7x Compact-WTW with reheater:

CKL-A/4400 Outdoor installation Eurovent energy label A, standard T2 and TB2, HR plate heat exchanger with 80% efficiency, EC fan, standard droplet separator and condensate drain on suction side and low-temperature heating.

3x HR auxiliary boiler, MGK-2 170 kW:

Modulating boiler 17-100%, standard with input 0-10 V for GLT, installation in cascade up to 5 pieces possible, compact size (fits through door opening), communication via WOLF eBus system and remote control via WOLF LinkPro.

24x TopSon F3-1 solar collector:

TopSon high-performance flat-plate collector tested according to EN ISO 9806, certified according to Solar Keymark, safety glass 3.2 mm, tested for hail resistance according to EN 12975.

4x buffer tank BSH-1000:

Space-saving steel multi-layer buffer with quality certificate, hygienic drinking water treatment according to the flow-through principle with stainless steel heat exchanger for drinking water.

Pump units and corresponding accessories:

All products or control modules in the system are from WOLF and are connected via a bus (eBUS).

Communication module WOLF Link Pro:

External interface module with LAN and WiFi interface via E-bus, operation via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and via the "SmartSet" app (iOS, Android). Remote diagnosis by the installer or WOLF service. The entire WOLF control system connects all components via eBus.

  • Abridged information

    Project year: End of 2017

    Function: Sports hall

    Measure: Renovation of the two sports halls as a part of the transformation of the municipality os Oss into an energy-neutral municipality

    Surface: 1.000 m2 (Mondriaan) and 1.300 m2 (Ruivert)

  • System overview

    Device: Swimming pool device CKL-Pool 30 GC

    Nominal volume flow: 3,000 m³/h

    Plant manufacturer: Klimax Lüftungs- und Klimaanlagen GmbH & Co. KG

    Special feature: powerful compact air conditioner for very limited installation situations with efficient heat recovery