Theater Vienna

Vienna, Austria

WOLF prepares theatre air

Theater AKZENT is part of the Educational Centre of the Vienna Chamber for Workers and Employees. The theatre was thoroughly renovated recently to bring it up to date. In addition to structural work and updating the theatre’s facilities, renovation works were also completed on the theatre’s lighting and sound equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This will allow the theatre, which was established in 1986 by the Vienna Chamber for Workers and Employees, to keep pace with larger theatres and event venues in terms of its atmosphere and technology.

Theater AKZENT is an events centre that offers entertainment with attitude, in addition to functioning as a training and educational centre. Instead of being considered a luxury, the theatre wants art and culture to enhance the lives of as many people as possible. In addition to well-known actors, cabaret artists and musicians, the theatre’s three event halls (with a total of 920 seats) also provide young up-and-coming artists the opportunity to perform on a professional stage. But what would a theatre be without a good “theatre atmosphere”?

Picture: Bruno Klomfar

This “theatre atmosphere” is conditioned by WOLF’s air handling units, which optimise indoor conditions and keep things feeling comfortable. In this instance, the air handling system is responsible for supplying a sufficient quantity of conditioned fresh air to the premises, in addition to heating and cooling the building. This is all done by incorporating a sophisticated heat recovery and cooling recovery system. 

Due to the fact that the extractor had to be placed two stories higher than the supply air unit for structural reasons, a high-performance run-around coil system (HKVS) was used as an energy recovery system. The hydraulics unit uses plate heat exchangers to feed in additional heating or cooling energy, in addition to twin pumps for redundant operation. Incorporating the heat recovery coil with a maximum counterflow in conjunction with the WOLF WRS-K control unit made it possible to achieve heat recovery rates of up to 78% across all operating conditions.


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In the workplace, concentration is important and the working atmosphere has to be right – WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems provide the perfect indoor environment.

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