Tour First

Courbevoie, France

Tour First is a skyscraper with 52 floors in the office city, La Défense, in the Parisian suburb, Courbevoie. At 225 m, it has been the highest building in France since 2011, and one of the 20 highest buildings in Europe. When constructed in 1974, the tower was only 159 metres tall. Between 2007 and 2011, the building was extensively modernised raising its height by 66 m and substantially remodeling its exterior façade.


    FUNCTION: High-rise office building

    OPENING: 1974

    MODERNISATION: 2007 to 2011

    NO. OF FLOORS: 52

    HEIGHT: 225 m (231 m including aerial)

    AREA: In total 79,000 m²

    PROJECT YEAR: 2009


    APPLIANCES: 16 air handling units of different sizes (63 to 450)


    • total supply air 185,335 m³/h 
    • total extract air 122,715 m³/h

    HR SYSTEM: Cyclic flow plate heat exchanger, up to 61% efficiency

This high-rise building was extensively modernised to enhance its architectural appeal, enlarge the office area, raise the building to current statutory and technical standards and – not least – reduce operating costs. In consequence, numerous measures were developed to reduce the energy demand on one hand and to better utilise the required primary energy on the other. Sixteen WOLF air handling units, ranging from 63 to 450, were an essential component of this concept. These appliances are equipped with cyclic flow plate heat exchangers as a heat recovery system with up to 61 % efficiency. The HQE certification of “La Tour First” is proof that the up-grading of its energytechnical services was well worthwhile. This office skyscraper was the largest project in the country to receive the French environmental compatibility certificate in 2011.


Office buildings

In the workplace, concentration is important and the working atmosphere has to be right – WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems provide the perfect indoor environment.

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