Volvo Zentrum St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia

Swed-Mobil has been the official Volvo dealership in St. Petersburg, Russia since 1994. The challenge raised by this car dealership was the provision of self-sufficiency in heat and power, both for their showrooms, as well as attached workshops. The building in question extends over several levels with parking spaces and a total floor area of 16,000 m². Special features: Self-sufficiency in electric power without export of excess to the grid. The solution: A WOLF CHP unit. The use of a combined heat and power unit provides a reliable, affordable and viable provision of electric power. This allows the business to generate electricity in standalone operation and with the highest level of efficiency, whilst using the heat generated as a by-product for heating purposes.


    PROJECT: Volvo center St. Petersburg

    FUNCTION: Car retailer 

    TASK: Stand-alone provision of heat and power

    SIZE: 16,000 m²

    PROJECT YEAR: 2012



    • 2 x GTK-240 (continuous output, electrical 240 kW; thermal output 372 kW; overall efficiency 91.0 %)
    • 1 x GTK-100M (continuous output, electrical 100 kW; thermal output 148 kW; overall efficiency 85.5 %)


    • electrical 580 kW 
    • thermal 892 kW

The installation comprised two GTK-240 CHP units with 237 kW electrical and 372 kW thermal output, as well as one GTK-100M unit with 100 kW electrical and 148 kW thermal output. All three units can be operated in stand-alone mode parallel to the grid, as well as in combination with a mains supply. The installation of the CHP unit resulted in a reduction in energy spending of around 30 %. The investment will pay for itself in around 3 to 4 years.

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