Warehouse & cold storage

Wilhelmshafen, Germany

For engineers and developers this guarantees straightforward planning, problem-free approval and safe operation in areas with the strictest hygiene requirements. Appliances for properties near the sea should be capable of resisting seawater and have a reinforced base frame that prevents corrosion.

These characteristics are provided by the WOLF systems used, for example, by a food processing facility in Wilhelmshafen. Two complete appliances were delivered (both appliances meet hygiene requirements and were assembled on site). All of the electrics come fully wired from the factory, with all of the cables connected to a terminal strip for easy installation.


    Function: Production hall for food processing

    Objective: High-performance air handling system that meets hygiene requirements

    Special features: High level of seawater resistance and a reinforced base frame


    Appliance: KG Top eco 159W supply air and extract air; KG Top eco 130W and 85W supply air; hygiene version in assembly 

    Air volume: 21,500 m³/h

    Total cooling capacity: 106,1 kW

    HR system: Crosscurrent heat exchanger for KG Top eco 159 W


Office buildings

In the workplace, concentration is important and the working atmosphere has to be right – WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems provide the perfect indoor environment.

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