Werner & Mertz GmbH

Mainz, Germany

Since 2010, the head office of Werner & Mertz has been the most striking landmark in the Rheinallee of Mainz. This building, known for the striking wind turbines on its roof, meets the highest international standards for sustainable and environmentally responsible construction. Werner & Mertz was awarded the “LEED Platinum”, the most demanding sustainability certificate for buildings, in 2012 in recognition of this fact. This new construction is the only industrial administrative building to have been awarded this rating, the highest of its kind. WOLF's contribution towards the achievement of the “Most Sustainable Building 2012” award was considerable. Thanks to state of the art building services, this office building, measuring around 6000 m², actually generates more energy than it consumes. Both WOLF KG Top 320 and 96 air handling units make their contribution to turn this building into a “Plus energy house”.


    FUNCTION: Manufacturer of domestic chemical products

    FOUNDED: 1867


    BRANDS: Erdal, Frosch, ratz fatz


    • 2010 environmental prize of the state of Rheinland Pfalz 
    • 2012 most sustainable building

    PROJECT YEAR: 2010


    APPLIANCES: KG Top 320 and 96 air handling units

    HR: KGX-D cyclic flow plate heat exchanger

    OUTPUT: Nominal supply air volume 22,000 m³/h

The air conditioning unit installed on the roof (including heat recovery system KGX-D diagonal cyclic flow plate heat exchanger) with a nominal supply air flow rate of 22,000 m³/h delivers an air change rate of 0.7 to 1.2 (approximately 30 m³/h outdoor air per person) to all areas of the building, subject to cooling load. The supply air is introduced into the interior via slotted vents in the ceiling. At warmer times of the year, the air handling system provides night cool-down using cold outdoor air.


Office buildings

In the workplace, concentration is important and the working atmosphere has to be right – WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems provide the perfect indoor environment.

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