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Continuous ventilation is one of the most efficient measures during the current coronavirus pandemic to prevent the accumulation of pollutants such as aerosols (viruses, bacteria). Air purifiers are an effective and flexible immediate measure, especially during the colder part of the year and in rooms that cannot be ventilated effectively.

Others claim it - we have it
the quietest air purifier in its class.

checked by TÜV:*

  • from 28 dB(A) to 42 dB(A)
  • at 400 m³/h to 1200 m³/h

Benefits at a glance

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  • Air filtration rate: Up to 6 times per hour.
  • Highly efficient separation: Up to 99.995%* (As per DIN EN 1822) with H14 HEPA filter, e.g. bioaerosols and pollutants.
  • Odour filtration: Upstream activated carbon filter removes unpleasant odours.
  • Extremely quiet: Only 34 dB(A) in normal operation. Thanks to state-of-the-art EC fans and highly efficient silencers.
  • Low energy demand: Minimal power consumption (less than 150 W in normal operation) ensures the lowest energy costs.
  • Presence detector: Additionally reduces the energy demand and ensures that the appliance only runs when it is needed.
  • Plug & Play: Simply plug into the socket, no wiring required.
  • Various operating levels: For optimal adaptation to the room size.
  • Filter monitoring: Indication of when the filter needs to be changed.
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Find out now about all the technical details of the quietest air purifier in its class - the AirPurifier.

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Important Applications
Set up, connect, done!

Thanks to the simplest possible installation (plug and play), the WOLF Airpurifier is very flexible and can be used anywhere that normal intermittent ventilation is not possible or insufficient. For classrooms, kindergartens, day-cares, restaurants, conference rooms, event locations, offices, medical clinics, pharmacies, fitness studios and retail stores.

Important Applications

Schools, Kindergartens & Day-Cares

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The current COVID-19 pandemic poses extreme challenges to society in general and educational institutions in particular.

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Restaurants & Hotels

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The current coronavirus pandemic calls for fast, uncomplicated and effective ventilation solutions for restaurants, hotels and event locations.


Fitness studios & wellness centres

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A continuous change of air is especially important in fitness studios. Physical exertion leads to a higher breathing rate, which in turn increases the aerosol content in the room air.

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Especially in the current coronavirus situation, powerful air purifiers can effectively improve the air quality and enable peak athletic performance under hygienic conditions. During winter in particular, unpleasant draughts can be prevented by running an air purifier in the studio.


Retail & Service

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Healthy and hygienic room air has a positive impact on the well-being of customers in the store.

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A natural, free exchange of air is often restricted or even impossible in retail stores due to shop furnishings and shelving. Especially under the current conditions requiring elevated hygiene, bakeries, drug stores, specialised retailers, hairdressers and cosmetic studios can set up air purifiers to ensure that customers feel safe during their stay.


Medical clinics, pharmacies & physiotherapy clinics

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Special hygiene precautions are required in areas where patients spend time in waiting rooms and treatment rooms.

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At medical clinics with increased risk of infection, it is necessary—in addition to disinfection of all surfaces and treatment rooms—to keep the room air as clean as possible and free of suspended particles/aerosols as well as pathogens. Air purifiers not only protect employees, they provide critical protection to elderly patients, who are the primary risk group.


  1. Good air purifiers must be capable of completely circulating and filtering all air in the room at least four times (ideally six times) per hour. With less air exchange, only fine dust or pollen can be removed from the room air; the aerosol concentration cannot be sufficiently reduced at lower rates according to the current understanding.
  2. True HEPA fine filter according to filter standard DIN EN 1822: The term HEPA filter is not protected, meaning that many supposed HEPA filters do not deliver what they promise. A true HEPA H14 filter separates up to 99.995% of the aerosol particles and is certified according to DIN EN 1822.
  3. Volume: An appliance that does not create a disturbance won’t be switched off (e.g. in the classroom, where an atmosphere of concentration is required). According to VDI 6040 and DIN EN 15251, the maximum allowable A-weighted sound pressure level in classrooms is 35 dB(A), which corresponds roughly to the volume in a library or a quiet bedroom.
  4. Designed for VDI 6022 conformity: In order that air purifiers and air handling systems do not themselves become a source of air pollution over time, they must be designed and built appropriately. The use of suitable, long-lasting and easy-to-clean materials is especially important. It is therefore always important to look for an air purifier designed in conformity with VDI 6022.

*Noise pressure level at a distance of 1 m according to DIN EN ISO 11203 corresponding to volume flows of 400 to 1,200 m3/h, determined by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH


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