Particularly suitable for classrooms, preschools and conference rooms. Highly efficient heat recovery keeps the energy where it belongs.

Comfort large area ventilation units are designed as indoor units for controlled ventilation in individual rooms. Alongside their main use in classrooms and preschools, the units are also ideal for any large space with insufficient or less than optimal ventilation.

The CGL channels an appropriate, controllable amount of filtered outdoor air into the rooms. At the same time, a corresponding volume of stale indoor air containing CO₂ is removed and expelled as exhaust air. This also ensures effective removal of pollutants, odours, fine dust and, importantly, moisture. Heat is recovered by means of an aluminium countercurrent plate heat exchanger with efficiency of over 90 %. Comfort large area ventilation units are designed for decentralised installation directly in the habitable rooms where they will be used, or in side rooms. The units meet the high requirements pertaining to sound emissions in interior spaces.
The room can be variably mechanically ventilated according to demand via a CO₂ sensor. The recommended application range is from 300 to 800 m³/h.


For noticeably healthy indoor air at a pleasant temperature.
  • Indoor ventilation unit with heat recovery for individual rooms.
  • Compact, inherently stable design; powder-coated in white.
  • Fans designed with free-running impellers; variably adjustable with EC technology.
  • Air quality control via CO₂ sensor possible.
  • Recommended application range from 300 to 800 m³/h.
  • Heat recovered by means of a high performance countercurrent heat exchanger with efficiency of over 90 %.
  • Integral bypass as standard for optional night ventilation.
  • Easy to replace cassette filter in F7 and M5 included.
  • Integral splitter silencers for supply and exhaust air.
  • Unit supplied ready to connect.
  • Wide range of accessories available.
  • The units comply with all relevant standards and guidelines, such as VDI 6022, VDI 3803 and EN 13779.