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Thanks to a consistent system concept, wherever you are in the world, we can meet your requirements professionally and reliably, all from a single source. Our product range includes floorstanding boilers, wall mounted gas condensing and conventional boilers, heat pumps and DHW cylinders, solar thermal systems, cylinders, air handling and ventilation systems, control systems and CHP units. Here you'll find a few examples from Wolf's extensive, international reference list.

As a result of thinking about systems holistically, customers, architects and design engineers can be sure of getting everything they need, reliably from a single source – Wolf! Our range includes fl oorstanding boilers, gas condensing as well as conventional boilers, biomass heating technology, heat pumps and DHW cylinders, solar thermal systems, cylinders air handling and ventilation systems, as well as control systems and CHP units. In the air handling unit sector, Wolf is European market leader.

WOLF Referenz Domodedovo Flughafen Klimageräte kg top
Domodedovo Airport

The largest airport of Russia is equipped with 50 modern air ventilation systems by Wolf.

WOLF Referenz deutsche Flugsicherung Klimageräte
Deutsche Flugsicherung

The German Air Traffic Control Center is equipped with high-tech facilities, resulting in above average electrical energy consumption.

WOLF Referenz Allianz arena Klimageräte
Allianz Arena

Wolf air handling units provide pleasant temperatures and an excellent ambience at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

WOLF Referenz Nationalstadion Warschau kg top
Nationalstadion Warschau

Wolf delivers fresh air to the national stadium in Warsaw. As part of the European championship, five games were held there.

WOLF Referenz Arena nationale Klimageräte Wärmerückgewinnung
Arena Nationala

The Arena Nationala is a UEFA stadium category 4 – the highest classification of the European Football Association.

WOLF Referenz O2 World kg top wrg
O2 World

With 17 000 seats, the “O2 World” is the second largest and most advanced arena in Germany.

WOLF Referenz Maritim Hotel BHKW Pufferspeicher
Maritim Hotel

For its 37 hotels, the internationally renowned German hotel chain, Maritim, banks exclusively on combined heat and power generation.

WOLF Referenz Schlosshotel lerbach BHKW MGK
Schlosshotel Lerbach

The Schlosshotel Lerbach cossets it’s demanding guests with environmentally sound heat and power delivered by a Wolf CHP unit. The Schlosshotel Lerbach cossets it’s demanding guests with environmentally sound heat and power delivered by a Wolf CHP unit.

WOLF Referenz Systemgastronomie Klimagerät Wärmerückgewinnung
System Gastronomy

Wolf has a history of working in successful partnership with gastronomic establishments.

WOLF Referenz national exhibition center Abu Dhabi Sonnenkollektoren Solarsysteme

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre is one of the most modern trade fair centers and equipped with an solar installation by Wolf.

WOLF Referenz Euro Plaza Vienna kg top
Europlaza Wien

The Euro Plaza is a business park in Meidling with the highest air condition aspirations. Wolf air handling units ensure the air here.

WOLF Referenz viertel zwei Klimageräte Energiegewinnung wrg
Viertel Zwei

The building complex is one of the largest inner-city developments in Vienna. The employment of Wolf technology was essential.

WOLF Referenz tour first Klimageräte Kreuzstromplattenwärmetauscher
Tour First

Tour First has been the highest building in France. Sixteen Wolf air handling units were an essential component of this concept.

WOLF Referenz Werner Mertz kg top kgx-d
Werner & Mertz GmbH

The Werner & Mertz GmbH meets the highest international standards for sustainable and environmentally responsible construction.

WOLF Referenz riverside kg top Rotationswärmetauscher

The Riverside is not the first shopping centre in Austria that banks on air handling and ventilation technology made in Mainburg.

WOLF Referenz Volvo Center St Petersburg gtk
Volvo Zentrum

The Wolf CHP unit at the Volvo Center St. Petersburg provides a reliable, affordable and viable provision of electric power.

WOLF Referenz Logistikzentren Klimageräte

One of the largest international mail-order companies is relying on air handling technology from Mainburg.

WOLF Referenz Dieselkraftwerk
Diesel Power Station

Wolf even assumes projects with highest demands. The diesel power station lies in a hurricane-prone area.

WOLF Referenz Netzaberg housing area Gasbrennwertthermen Warmwasserspeicher
Netzaberg Housing Area

In the immediate vicinity of this troop training ground, the “Netzaberg” housing area was part of the largest housing development in Europe.

WOLF Referenz Wohnungsbau Grossbauprojekt China cgb
Project China

China intends to initiate major development projects to counteract high rental prices and the increasing migration of its people.

WOLF Referenz Academy of Art and Design Rotationswärmetauscher

The Academy of Art and Design is the largest art college in the Netherlands with the integration of several air handling units from Wolf Mainburg.

WOLF Referenz Wohnanlage Studentenwerk Uni Düsseldorf
Student housing complex

The student housing complex Düsseldorf is equipped with a Wolf CHP.

WOLF Referenz Kreml Klimageräte

Wolf provides air conditioning for the Kremlin. These Wolf air handling units move a volume of no less than 1.6 million m³ of air each hour.

WOLF Referenz Amalienbad Wien Klimageräte
Amalienbad Vienna

The Amalienbad is equipped with Wolf air-conditionings, which meets the stringent requirements expected for modern swimming pools.

WOLF Referenz Hallenbad Kilchberg am Zürichsee Solar Flachkollektoren
Hallenbad Kilchberg

Wolf provide a genuine feel-good atmosphere inside the public indoor pool at Kilchberg on Lake Zürich

WOLF Referenz Rainbow Park Klimageräte bhkw
Rainbow Park

The Rainbow Park, Wuppertal, is a popular sports and leisure centre with a wide range of activities. It relies on a Wolf CHP.

WOLF Referenz kommunale Energiegewinnung Mainburg Blockheizkraftwerk
Sewage plant Mainburg

The sewage plant of Mainburg was generally overhauled and replaced by a modern Wolf CHP unit.

WOLF Referenz Landesklinikum Amstetten kg top
Landesklinikum Amstetten

An Wolf air technology system offers a good indoor climate at the Landesklinikum Amstetten.