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Schlosshotel Lerbach

Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

The Schlosshotel Lerbach in Bergisch Gladbach is one of the best luxury hotels in Germany. The former manor house in neo-Renaissance style with English landscape gardens dating to 1898 was built by Ludwig Bopp according to plans by Gabriel von Seidl. Following extensive modernisation, the castle has been used as a hotel since 1992. Today, this five-star residence cossets it’s demanding guests with environmentally sound heat and power delivered by a WOLF CHP unit.


    FUNCTION: Hotel

    CATEGORY: 5 stars

    FOUNDER: Thomas H. Altoff

    OPENING: 1992

    ARCHITECTURAL STYLE: Neo-Renaissance

    SPECIAL FEATURES: This castle is listed

    OPERATOR: Althoff Hotel & Gourmet Collection



    • GTK 35 M CHP unit
    • 2 x Wolf MGK 250 gas condensing boilers In a cascade LS 2010 cylinder loading system with SEL 800


    • thermal 60 kW
    • electrical 35 k

    PAYBACK PERIOD: 4 years


    CO² REDUCTION: 2144.8 tonnes in 10 years

The Schlosshotel Lerbach is equipped with a WOLF CHP unit GTK 35 M offering 60 kW thermal and 35 kW electrical output. In addition, the installation included two WOLF gas condensing boilers MGK 250 in a cascade, together with a WOLF LS 2010 cylinder loading system with SEL 800. The additional investment in the CHP unit – as against a comparable heating system – will fully pay for itself in around four years. This benefits not only operators, but also the environment, as CO² emissions will already be lower from year one. Whilst the boiler and power station together generate around 421.8 tonnes of CO² per annum, the new CHP unit, together with a peak boiler, generate only 207.3 tonnes of CO² per year. Calculated over a period of 10 years, that represents a reduction of 2,144.8 tonnes of CO².

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