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Competence in indoor environments for office buildings

In many office buildings around the world, WOLF heating, air handling and ventilation systems are responsible for providing the perfect indoor environment and therefore a pleasant working conditions.

Heating, air handling, ventilation or CHP systems – your professional system supplier WOLF brings you everything you need from one source. And this is extremely beneficial for you, because all of the components suit each other perfectly and are ideally matched. This ensures excellent system reliability and above all, seamless functionality in all your projects.

From the moment your project starts, you have one and the same contact person for all your concerns and assignments. This is one of the main reasons why complete WOLF energy saving systems have been engineered and installed in numerous office buildings. Professional consultation, sophisticated engineering, a comprehensive product range including efficient system & control technology, system warranties, right through to commissioning service and global customer service – WOLF gives you everything you need from one source. WOLF make your life easier.

Selected products for office buildings

  • GTK 50 combined heat and power unit

    WOLF CHP units are ideally suited to any kind of office building to provide heat and power. Power generation in particular gives operators a certain independence from energy costs and public power grids.

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  • CGL comfort large area ventilation unit

    WOLF CGL comfort large area ventilation units are highly suitable for office buildings. They are designed for retrofitting in existing buildings and enable mechanical ventilation in individual rooms.

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  • KG Top air handling unit

    WOLF KG Top air handling units ensure the perfect indoor environment in offices and commercial buildings. They can be split to facilitate handling and installation in plant rooms or on the roof of office buildings.

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  • KGX energy recovery systems

    WOLF KGX energy recovery systems are an essential element of modern office buildings. Previously generated, available heat, humidity and cooling energy is put to technically and economically efficient use. Their installation is frequently mandatory.

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Selected references

WOLF Referenz deutsche Flugsicherung Klimageräte

DSF German Air Traffic Control Centre

Munich, Germany

Equipped with WOLF recirculation air and complete air handling units with efficient run-around coil systems for the recovery of heating/cooling energy.

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WOLF Referenz Euro Plaza Vienna kg top

Euro Plaza Vienna

Vienna, Austria

13 air handling units from the WOLF KG Top series ensure the perfect indoor environment in the interior of the Euro Plaza.

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WOLF Referenz tour first Klimageräte Kreuzstromplattenwärmetauscher

Tour First

Courbevoie, France

16 WOLF KGX air handling units with cross-countercurrent plate heat exchangers were installed to provide an efficient heat recovery system.

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Further references Office buildings


Miele Verwaltung, Gütersloh air handling unit

ADAC Hauptverwaltung, Dortmund air handling unit

Versicherung / Verwaltung, Hamburg air handling unit 

Hoechst, Hürth-Knapsack air-conditioning unit weatherproof

Bay. Architekturkammer, München air handling unit

Münchener Rückversicherung, München air handling unit

World Trade Center, Dresden air handling unit

DFB-Zentrale, Frankfurt air handling unit

FIVE BOATS, Duisburg air handling unit

H3O, Hamburg air handling unit

Wolfferts Haus- u. Wärmetechnik, Mannheim air handling unit

Technologiezentrum, Oberhausen air handling unit

Lighthouse Düsseldorf air handling unit

SVA Vertriebs- und Marketing GmbH, Bautzen combined heat and power plant

Druckzentrum, Halle combined heat and power plant

Büro- u. Geschäftshaus Turmstrasse Berlin air handling unit KG Top 

Magna BDW technologies Soest air handling unit KG Top 

St. Martin Tower, Frankfurt air handling units KG Top 96-270

Helml Engineering e.K., Deggendorf combined heat and power plant

Werner & Merz, Mainz air handling units KG Top 

Buisnesscenter, Schwabach air handling unit kG Top, comfort flat ventilation unit 

Hirschgarten MK4 KG Top 270 Klimagerät


AGFA, Antwerpen air handling unit


Arla Food air handling unit 

B & O air handling unit 

Coca-Cola air handling unit 

Dandy air handling unit 

Danfoss air handling unit 

Danisco air handling unit 

DSB air handlin unit 

Fiberline air handling unit 

Fields air handling unit

Flådestation Frederikshavn air handling unit 

Post Danmark air handling unit 

Price Waterhouse Cooper air handling unit

Red//Green air handling unit 

Scania air handling unit

TDC air handling unit 


SNCF, Paris air handling unit 

Ministère des Finances, Paris air handling unit 

Ministère de I’Industrie, Paris air handling unit 

Unesco Büro air handling unit 

Microsoft, Gesellschaftssitz air handling unit KG Top 

Leclerc, Gesellschaftssitz air handling unit 

Icade, Gesellschaftssitz air handling unit 

Philips air handling unit 

Tour AXA (Paris la defense) air handling unit KG Top 

Tour cristal (Paris) air handling unit KG Top 

Tour Jussieu, Paris air handling unit KG Top 

Tour First, Courbevoie 16 air handling units 

Zac claude bernard (Paris) air handling unit KG Top 

Zac des bruyeres (bois colombes) air handling unit KG Top 

Servier (Suresnes) air handling unit KG Top 

Tour Bayer (Paris la defense) air handling unit KG Top 

Credit Cooperatif (Nanterre) air handling unit KG Top

CGG veritas (Massy) air handling unit KG Top 

Great Britain

Reuters, Nachrichtenagentur air handling unit 

C & A – Head Office air handling unit

Debenhams – Carlisle air handling unit

Hoclas, Birmingham air handling unit

Brit. Telecom, Relegate, Computerzentrale air handling unit, air heater


Unilever, New Dehli air handling unit

Atlas Power, Pakistan air handling unit 


Apple Computer, Dublin air handling unit


Icelandair, Reykjavik roof extract fan


Siemens, Luxemburg air handling unit

Bátiment Tour, Kirchberg air handling unit

Andorsson, Luxemburg air handling unit

Thomas Edison, Luxemburg, Bank u. Bürogebäude air handling unit 

Espace Contern air handling unit KG Top


Honeywell/Bull, Amsterdam air handling unit, air heater

Alpha Tower, Amsterdam air handling unit

Bürogebäude in Amsterdam air-conditioning unit weatherproof

De Blauwe Vogel, Soest air handling unit KG Top

Deloitte, Utrecht air handling unit KG Top 

Babylon, Den Haag air handling unit KG Top

Vetterstraat vastgoed, Amsterdam air handling unit KG Top

Egeraat, Zuidas Amsterdam air handling unit KG Top 

Bartimeus, Zeist comfort-compact-ventilation, air handling unit KG Top


Post-Autotelefonnetz, Hauptzentrale air handling unit

Viertel Zwei, Wien, Wohn-, Geschäfts- u. Bürogebäude air handling unit KG Top

Euro Plaza Wien 13 air handling units KG Top


Bürohaus in Warschau cast iron boiler


TAP – Air Portugal, Lissabon air handling unit


Officecenter “Usadjba-Zentrum”, Moskau air handling unit

Saudi Arabia

King's Office, Riyadh air handling unit


Ollivetti, Barcelona air-conditioning weatherproof

Barcelona 92 Alcatel Gebäude air handling unit

Edificio Bloomberg, Madrid air handling unit

Edificio Alcatel, Barcelona air handling unit

Zentralbüro Inmobilienhändler gas fired condensing boiler

Czech Republic

E-Gate Prag Europäisches Tor air handling unit

M-Palác Brno air handling unit

Palladium Offices Prag air handling unit

Avenir Business Park Radlická air handling unit


Sabah, Istanbul, Verlag air handling unit