Wall mounted oil condensing boiler

Opt for the highest standard of condensing technology, ideal for most buildings, from its space saving design, it is particularly suitable for straightforward replacement of your old central heating boiler

The COB impresses with its economical, clean and efficient oil combustion. In contrast to old oil boilers, combustion in this generation of advanced condensing boilers is particularly clean. Whether it be low sulphur fuel oil or bio-oil (B10), it operates easily with all conventional fuel oils.

You can combine the COB with various WOLF DHW cylinders, a solar thermal system and, as part of a building services centre, with the CWL-T-300 mechanical ventilation unit. You can control your central heating, domestic hot water, solar thermal system and mechanical ventilation unit quite easily with the BM programming unit. You even have the option of operating the system using an app on your smartphone.

The COB is also available as the COB-TS wall mounted oil condensing boiler with integral 160 litre stratification cylinder. Incidentally, public grants may also be available for the COB.

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Wall mounted oil condensing boiler

Advanced condensing technology for detached houses and apartment buildings.

The compact COB wall mounted oil condensing boiler is equipped with a two-stage burner, i.e. it combines robust technology with high efficiency. You can operate it with low sulphur fuel oil or bio-oil (B10). The COB is available with four output ratings from 15 to 40 kW.

  • Suitable for your detached house or apartment building, it is available in four sizes with heating outputs of 15, 20, 29 and 40 kW
  • It has been developed for operation with low sulphur fuel oil (EL) and bio-oil (B10)
  • Efficient and economical: the COB achieves energy efficiency class A for central heating
  • Available as COB-TS combi boiler with suitable DHW cylinder
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-conserving thanks to clean, complete combustion
  • The two-stage blue flame burner draws its combustion air from the installation room or via a coaxial pipe from outside the building. This increases efficiency (through preheating of the air supply) and prevents the installation room from cooling down
  • The space saving COB can be mounted directly on the wall without any side clearances and takes up less than half a square metre of space
  • The perfect replacement for your old boiler, because it fits into every installation situation on the spot
  • It can be combined with various WOLF DHW cylinders and with a solar thermal system to also provide you with free heating and domestic hot water through the power of the sun
  • Straightforward and intuitive to operate with the BM programming unit or directly using the optional smartphone app
  • Five year warranty on the COB and two years on electrical and moving parts provide you with peace of mind for your investment 
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Model / Performance
  • COB-15
  • COB-20
  • COB-29
  • COB-40
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Wall mounted oil condensing boiler COB
Model type COB-15COB-20COB-29COB-40


max. 15kWmax. 20kWmax. 29kWmax. 39kW

Pressure-jet burner

Modulating ----

Combination with

Solar ----
Heat pump----
Mechanical ventilationxxxx

DHW heating

none ----
integr. water cylinder ----
ext. water cylinderxxxx

Modulation range 50/30° Stufe 1/2


Energy efficiency class

Central heating AAAA
DHW heating ----

General info

Dimensions / weight

Height (mm)1290129012901290
Width (mm) 566566566566
Depth (mm) 605605605605
Total weight (kg) 929299122

DHW heating

DHW output  (l/Min)----
Cylinder size (equivalent)----

Noise level

max. dB 56606060

Power consumption

Standby (W) 6666
maximal, heating/DHW (W) 128139178205

WOLF SmartSet Ready


wiButler Ready

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Advanced Technology - For reliable, pleasant warmth

If you already own an oil heating system, then modernisation with WOLF appliances is always worthwhile.

When selecting a new heating system for your detached house or apartment building, you should keep several points in mind. How high are the investment and fuel costs? How much energy can be saved? Which heating system is best suited to the space available?

For homeowners who already heat with oil, it is generally easier and more economical to remain with the existing system and opt for advanced oil condensing technology. With our COB series, you can easily reduce your fuel oil consumption by up to 30 percent. This allows you to do something good for the environment without having to forego a pleasantly warm home.

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling

Whether you're looking at heating, ventilation or cooling – at WOLF we are only satisfied when all these elements come together to provide you with an indoor environment where you can truly relax. We want technology to fit around you, not the other way round.
And because your requirements may change over time, we offer you full control of your heating system, DHW temperature and air change rates with our user friendly devices, intuitive apps, and SmartHome enabled programming units –so your living zone is also your comfort zone.