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Compact appliances in premium quality

Projects are often thwarted by the mistaken assumption that new appliances will take up a large amount of space, be expensive to purchase or operate, or require lengthy delivery times. This is where WOLF’s ultra-compact appliances come into their own. Always large enough to ensure maximum comfort and small enough to be deployed anywhere.

WOLF CHA heat pump

Monoblock heat pumps CHA & CHC

The CHA monoblock heat pump is our most popular heat pump. It is highly efficient and blends seamlessly into the interior design of your home. The CHC monoblock heat pump centre contains a bundle of appliances from a single source.


FHA monoblock heat pump

The FHA monoblock - impressive performance at a reasonable cost. The air-to-water heat pump provides a sustainable and efficient indoor environment all year round.


BWL-1S(B) and CHC-Split heat pumps

The WOLF BWL-1S(B) split air-to-water heat pump and CHC-Split heat pump centre are excellent value for money. They heat your home reliably all year round without compromising on efficiency.

WOLF Heat pumps BWS-1 and BWW-1

BWS-1 and BWW-1 heat pumps

The BWS-1 brine-to-water heat pump and BWW-1 water-to-water heat pump extract free energy from the ground. Their year-round efficiency guarantees reliable heating.


FHS heat pump

The WOLF FHS heat pump improves the efficiency of new and existing buildings. Using a DHW heat pump is a reliable, cost-effective and environment friendly way to provide your property with hot water. 

Mechanical ventilation systems

WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-2

CWL-2 mechanical ventilation unit

The CWL-2 is the most efficient and noiseless WOLF central mechanical ventilation system as well as being the most compact of its kind on the market. 

Living space ventilation CWL-T-Excellent

CWL-T-Excellent mechanical ventilation

The WOLF CWL-T-300 Excellent central ventilation system has an especially slimline design. It can either be used alone or in perfect harmony with your heating system when integrated into your building services centre.

WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-F-Excellent

CWL-F-Excellent mechanical ventilation

The WOLF CWL-F Excellent mechanical ventilation unit is slim enough to fit into even challenging installation sites where space is tight.

WOLF decentralised living space ventilation CWL-D-70

CWL-D-70 mechanical ventilation unit

The CWL-D-70 decentralised mechanical ventilation unit is especially easy to install, making this WOLF model perfect for retrofitting and for modernisation projects.

Living space ventilation FWL PushPull

FWL PushPull mechanical ventilation 

The FWL-PushPull from WOLF is a decentralised mechanical ventilation system that does not require ventilation ducts, but still supplies all important rooms with fresh air and reliably removes stale air.


RenovatAir ventilation system

With the WOLF RenovatAir mechanical ventilation system, you can easily retrofit your central ventilation system. Thanks to the reduced installation effort, this innovative system is perfect for renovation projects.

Oil heating systems

WOLF Oil heating COB-2

COB-2 oil condensing boiler

The WOLF COB-2 uses a two-stage modulating operating principle to generate cosy warmth. Discover the highlight of our WOLF oil condensing boiler range.

Gas heating systems

WOLF Gas condensing boilers CGB-2 family

CGB-2 family of gas condensing boilers

The CGB-2 series of WOLF gas condensing boilers covers the entire spectrum of gas condensing technology: from straightforward gas heating systems to combi boilers and models with integrated DHW storage cylinders. 

WOLF Gas boiler TGB-2

TGB-2 gas condensing boiler

The WOLF TGB-2 gas condensing heating system is the quietest on the market. It will also heat your home particularly economically as the appliance continuously adjusts its output to meet your current demands.

WOLF Gas boiler CGU-2

CGU-2 wall-mounted gas boiler

The WOLF CGU-2 room air dependent wall-mounted gas boiler is the perfect choice for replacing your old conventional boiler in existing housing.

WOLF combi storage tank

Combi cylinders

The WOLF BSP and BSH stratification cylinders are multifunctional storage cylinders – an unparalleled solution in the sector. They combine particularly energy-efficient central heating with hygienic DHW heating.


Heating water storage cylinders

The WOLF SPU-2 heating water storage cylinder is the ideal reservoir for hot heating water produced by your heat generator either in detached houses or apartment buildings. The buffer cylinder has high-quality thermal insulation which also helps you save energy.

WOLF Hot water tank

Hot water storage cylinders

The WOLF SE-2, SEM and SEW floor-standing cylinders are ideal storage cylinders for efficient DHW heating in your home.

WOLF Fresh water station FWS-2

FWS-2 freshwater module

The WOLF FWS-2 provides you with hot water for the bathroom and kitchen using the principle of instantaneous water heating, which is absolutely hygienic and particularly energy efficient.

WOLF flat-plate collectors F3-1 and CFK-1

F3-1 & CFK-1 flat-plate collectors

The WOLF TopSon F3-1 and CFK-1 are two extremely durable flat-plate collectors featuring a specially developed enclosure design that will provide your house with eco-friendly solar heat for decades to come.

WOLF CRK tube collector

CRK-12 tube collectors

The WOLF CRK-12 vacuum tube collector achieves outstanding solar yields throughout the entire year. This is entirely eco-friendly because solar energy does not generate any carbon dioxide emissions whatsoever.

WOLF gas hybrid solutions

Gas hybrid

A gas hybrid system combines the best of two worlds: durable, proven gas heating technology provides reliability; the selected renewable energy source cuts heating bills and contributes to climate protection.

WOLF oil hybrid solutions

Oil hybrid

Oil hybrid heating is the perfect solution for modernising heating systems. It provides the benefits of a reliable oil heating system while lowering heating costs and heating your home in a more eco-friendly manner by using renewable energy.

WOLF BM-2 operating module

BM-2 programming unit

Control all your domestic technology using the convenient WOLF BM-2 programming unit. The module lets you control your heating, ventilation and solar thermal system from a single appliance.

WOLF Room module RM-2

RM-2 room module

The WOLF RM-2 room module is a user interface that lets you access all heat generators and the mechanical ventilation unit from a single control panel. It couldn’t be easier. And you decide where the room module is installed.

WOLF Smarthome

Smart home solutions

Looking for a convenient way to control your heating system? Controlling your heating system remotely is a breeze with the WOLF Smartset app and the two Link home and Link pro interface modules. You can also control ventilation and solar thermal systems just as easily from your smartphone or PC.