Room module for HVAC control


The WOLF RM-2 room module is a user interface that lets you access all heat generators and the mechanical ventilation unit from a single control panel. It couldn’t be easier. And you decide where the room module is installed.

Flexible installation

Heating and ventilation control made easy: the RM-2 room module enables you to control your domestic technology centrally from one room. However, you can also install the module in multiple rooms for individual control of the heating in each room. Either way, you will never have to go down to the cellar again to change the settings.

WOLF Room module Rm-2

Benefits of the RM-2 room module

RM-2 Individual room control

Efficient temperature control in individual rooms

Set the desired temperature separately in every room using the handy individual room control panel. You can also use the RM-2 room module to adjust the settings of the controlled mechanical ventilation unit however you wish.
Daily programmes Smarthome

Individual day programs

The pre-set day programs for heating, hot water and ventilation make it easier to operate your smart heating control unit. It also features a holiday mode. The key lock prevents any inadvertent adjustment of the parameters.
Smartset advantages

Integration with a smart home system

Integrating the RM-2 room module into your WOLF smart home system is very straightforward and makes controlling your HVAC technology easier than ever.
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