Project: Heating exchange from oil to oil hybrid

Simple replacement of an old heating system

Single-family house modernisation

  • The retired couple feels very comfortable in the countryside in their single-family house from the early 1990s. They can still live with the low insulation at the moment - first the old oil heating is due.

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  • The couple would like to bequeath their house to their children at some point in the future. At the latest when the house is inherited, the old heating system would have to be removed due to the obligation to replace it. However, the old unit is increasingly causing problems and no longer runs efficiently. Replacing the heating system should not be too complicated and costly, which is why they want to stay with the same energy source. A hybrid system would also be an option if the cost is low.

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Low-fuss modernisation

Matteo and Aurelia want to find the easiest possible solution for replacing their heating system and will continue to use the same fuel.

Optimising little by little

Despite their age, Matteo and Aurelia still enjoy the advantages of their detached house. Their children and grandchildren visit them regularly to enjoy the idyllic rural setting and go on outings. The house is showing a few signs of aging but Matteo and Aurelia are not in a hurry and take on the tasks as and when they are necessary – such as replacing the heating.

Challenges of modernisation

Their oil tank is still quite full. In general, Matteo and Aurelia want to continue using most of the components of their current heating system to save the expense of conversion. Consequently, it is important to them that the only change will be switching to a modern appliance and everything else will remain as unchanged as possible.

Elderly couple happy at home

Reasons for choosing the new heating system

The heating contractor of their choice sees no problem in replacing the old boiler with a contemporary condensing appliance. He also demonstrates how much Matteo and Aurelia will be saving on heating bills if they also use free environmental heat (from the air or from solar energy) to backup their central heating system.

01. Minor conversion, major savings

Converting to a new condensing appliance does not incur any serious cost. They can continue to use the existing heating system including the tank. The new boiler burns much more cleanly, which has a positive effect on their ecological footprint and reduces their heating oil consumption and energy bills. Adding a renewable energy source enhances the effect still further.

02. Renewable energies support the main heating system

Solar heating is the perfect choice for supporting the new heating system, particularly when it comes to DHW heating. The condensing boiler can be switched off entirely during the summer as that is when the sun obviously shines the most. This saves a great deal of fuel. The same can be said of integrating a heat pump heating system. So the investment would definitely be worthwhile for the couple in the long run.

Recommended WOLF products for Matteo and Aurelia

The heating contractor recommends a combination of two WOLF products for Matteo and Aurelia’s heating conversion. They are impressed with the excellent performance specifications and five-year guarantee. And they also like the suggestion of using a hybrid solution.

WOLF Oil heating COB-2

COB-2 oil condensing boiler

Matteo and Aurelia select the COB-2, an appliance of the highest quality that suits their output range perfectly.

It burns much more cleanly and efficiently than the previous boiler. It can also be run using just about any kind of heating oil – even with bio-oil.

WOLF flat-plate collectors F3-1 and CFK-1

Flat-plate collectors

Matteo and Aurelia also choose to install WOLF TopSon F3-1 absorbers. From now on, they will be using cutting-edge absorber technology to extract the maximum possible yield.

Only a limited amount of installation work is required as the units can be easily mounted on the current roof.

WOLF Split heat pump BWL-1S(B)

BWL-1S(B) split air-to-water heat pump

As an alternative to solar heat, the couple could opt for this compact WOLF heating system with an output of between 5 and 16 kW.

There is ample space for the indoor module inside Matteo and Aurelia’s house, and the outside module is also easy to install. They could optionally add a hot water storage cylinder to support the heating system effectively. 

Sounds complicated? Not for us!

It can be complex and time-consuming to find the right solution for your home. We can help you to understand everything that is really relevant to your project in only a few minutes.

New heating system with future potential

In the end, Matteo and Aurelia choose to combine their new boiler with a solar thermal system as this means they do not have to convert their heat distribution system. Their heating system now works much more efficiently and economically. And the support provided by the hybrid system for DHW heating will justify the additional cost within only a few years.

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