Project: Complete renovation from oil to heat pump

Complete renovation: From oil to environmental heat

Single-family house modernisation

  • The two want to future-proof the building with extensive investments - also with a view to resale at a later date.

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  • The house, built in the 1990s, no longer meets the latest standards for energy efficiency. The family wants to upgrade it with better insulation and a high-quality heating system.

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Modern and energy-efficient renovation

As part of this total renovation, Hannes and Rebecca want to replace the old oil heating system with a heat pump heating system supplemented with further appliances to improve the comfort of their home. Lets take a look at how they make their decisions.

A modern, future-oriented investment

When Hannes and Rebecca, a couple in their mid-forties, were looking for a home for themselves and their two children, they chose a house that was built in the 90s. It is structurally sound and the floor plan suited their expectations.


It needs some modernisation, particularly regarding the heating system and thermal insulation. They factored these investments into their calculations and now have a suitably large budget available for high-quality, modern solutions. They can claim government subsidies for many of their intended measures, which is an additional benefit.

Structural condition and other challenges

In addition to installing a new heating system, they also want to replace the radiators with an underfloor heating system. Furthermore, the new home owners want to upgrade the thermal insulation and fit new windows and doors throughout.

The electricity needed for the heating system will be provided by photovoltaics. When undertaking a comprehensive modernisation, it also makes sense to install mechanical ventilation. Retrofitting underfloor heating, ventilation systems etc. is similarly complex, but the couple believes that it is worth the effort.


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Reasons for choosing the new systems

As Hannes and Rebecca see the house as a capital investment, they want both it and the heating technology to be of the highest ecological and technical standard possible – not least because state subsidies are available for many of their renovation measures.

01. Using free environmental energy

Hannes and Rebecca have chosen a heat pump heating system. This is a particularly efficient type of heating as it does not use any fossil fuels. On the contrary, the heating energy is taken from the surroundings for free. A high-performance photovoltaic system generates most of the electricity required by the heating system, so operating costs are slashed still further.

02. Perfect air quality

Fresh, clean air and the right level of humidity: a central ventilation system uses active air exchange to create a balanced indoor climate. The levels of allergens entering the house are much lower than when airing by opening windows and doors. Heat recovered from the extract air also helps to lower heating bills.

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03. Comfortable and efficient heat distribution

Combining the proposed appliances with a radiant panel heating system is wise. It is a much more sustainable, comfortable and modern solution for the family than conventional heating and air-conditioning systems. The underfloor heating system distributes the heat evenly in winter and is also beneficial during summer thanks to the cooling function of the heat pump.

Recommended WOLF products for the family

Hannes and Rebecca were won over by WOLF’s good reputation and five-year guarantee as well as by the attractive appearance of the appliances. The performance specifications, purchasing prices and operating costs of the recommended products are all well within their expectations. Furthermore, subsidies are available for modernisation projects using WOLF appliances.

WOLF CHA heat pump

CHA monoblock heat pump

The size and output of the product is ideal for Hannes and Rebecca.

A major plus: this system allows the underfloor heating system to also be used for cooling purposes.

WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-2

CWL-2 mechanical ventilation unit

The CWL-2 is the premium appliance amongst WOLF ventilation systems.

WOLF consultants also recommend using the optional enthalpy heat exchanger for moisture recovery.

WOLF Smarthome

Smart home solutions

Hannes and Rebecca can even control their heating and mechanical ventilation systems wirelessly using the interface module. 

Sounds complicated? Not for us!

It can be complex and time-consuming to find the right solution for your home. We can help you to understand everything that is really relevant to your project in only a few minutes.

The total refurbishment can begin

Getting rid of the old oil heating system makes sense for Hannes and Rebecca, and not only for ecological reasons. They want the renovation work to future-proof their home. In addition to improving the thermal insulation, the fact that they have switched to renewable energies significantly boosts their energy efficiency.


In summer, the family can use the heat pump heating system and the new underfloor heating system to gently cool the house and the ventilation will supply fresh, filtered indoor air. So their renovation project will prove its worth during the time they spend in the new house as well as if they decide to sell it at some point in the future.

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