As one of the world's leading suppliers of heating and air handling technology, we not only manufacture boilers, air handling systems and solar thermal systems. We also address the global issues of tomorrow: energy and indoor environment.

As a service-oriented supplier of heating and air handling systems, we deal every day with the fundamental human needs for heat, water and air. This is why our core concept is "PERFECTLY IN TUNE WITH YOU". It places people at the centre of our work – not only providing them with what they need to survive, but also meeting their requirements for warmth and shelter. The optimum indoor environment is more than just temperature and humidity: it helps determine your quality of life.

From individuals to indoor spaces

Striving to achieve the optimum indoor environment is virtually second nature to us: where human life begins, in the womb, an embryo is safe and warm, and has everything it needs for healthy development. Once it leaves this enclosed space, a baby is not usually exposed to the great outdoors straight away, but rather is sheltered in the warmth of an indoor room. And this remains the case for the rest of its life: we spend up to ninety percent of our lifetime in closed rooms. Which explains why the indoor environment is so vital to our wellbeing.

Did you know that...

you spend up to ninety percent of your lifetime in closed rooms? Not convinced? In that case, take a look at the average time a German person spend in each room.

But what exactly do we mean by an optimum indoor environment? There are as many answers to that as there are people: the determining factor is individual perception. However, indoor environment requirements are not only diverse, but also change over the course of a person's life. A baby, which spends much of its early life crawling on the floor, has different needs to its parents or grandparents. Added to this are social, political and economic upheavals in a rapidly changing world. More flexible lifestyles, the blurring of boundaries between work and leisure, the consequences of environmental influences on our health – all these factors result in complex individual requirements.

In order to meet these requirements, we rely on an extensive network of design engineers, trade partners and sales partners. Our project department also supports design engineers, installers and end customers with the comprehensive design and coordination of heating and air handling components. As a system supplier in the areas of heating, solar thermal, air handling and ventilation, we offer matched systems to fulfil any spatial requirements, from detached houses and apartment blocks right through to office buildings and industrial plants. After all, room requirements are as individual as the people who live and work in them. Whether you are a design engineer, trade partner or end customer, our approach means that our core concept always applies to you: WOLF is perfectly in tune with you.

From Germany to the world

The history of WOLF starts in the world's largest hop growing region: Hallertau in Bavaria, Germany. This is where Anton Wolf was born in 1920. The son of a sheet metal worker from Geisenfeld, he founded WOLF in Mainburg in 1963. In the beginning, parts for hop processing machines and heat generators were produced here. The early seventies onwards saw the development of ventilation and air handling units (an area in which we remain the market leader today) and this was followed a decade later by the company's entry into heating technology. Today, WOLF is a subsidiary of Centrotec SE, with a range of products and services covering the entire spectrum of advanced heating and air handling technology. We are also represented in the CHP sector with WOLF Power Systems.

However, whilst we do move with the times, we also remain true to certain values. The inventions of our founder were based on his observations of hop farmers at work. His goal was to make things simpler, more convenient and more efficient for them. Today, this goal is still a key element of our products, which are innovative, simple to use, efficient and reliable. Nevertheless, the aesthetics are not overlooked either – quite the opposite: we value the visual appeal of a boiler as well as its functionality. Today, we have ten subsidiaries and 60 sales partners worldwide, and are also positioned internationally. In 2015, the acquisition of ProKlima in Croatia saw the addition of our next international subsidiary. WOLF air handling equipment can be found in locations ranging from the Red Town Hall in Berlin to the Kremlin in Moscow; from an oil rig off the Norwegian coast right through to a residential complex in China. And our customers reap the benefit in every location. Not only are we familiar with various climatic zones, we also have an understanding of cultural differences when it comes to the subject of indoor environment, as well as an awareness of global concerns and their effects on the design of individual living spaces. This knowledge enables us to identify developments early on and adapt to them quickly and flexibly.

From today to the future

Since the dawn of humankind, heat, water and air have been essential to our existence. However, we have come a long way from Stone Age camp fires. Technological progress and corresponding lifestyle changes have always meant that our fundamental needs manifest themselves differently and become increasingly more complex at each stage of development.

Since our company was established, we have continuously expanded our range of products and services, not simply reacting to new requirements, but also continually developing existing technologies. Whether you use a WOLF wall mounted gas boiler or a WOLF solar thermal system, each product combines today's knowledge with tomorrow's foresight.

A growing awareness of ecological sustainability, the challenges of climate change and opportunities to use renewable energy mean that we will also continue to change. If the heating systems of the future no longer use fossil fuels, as is planned by legislators for new buildings from 2030, then we are ready with new solutions. We are already helping to shape this change through digitalisation: thanks to our digital expertise, you can enable your indoor environment to use SmartHome. And we are looking even further towards the future: in addition to digitalisation, demographic change and mobility are two megatrends that will influence our approach.

It is in the nature of our work to always be one step ahead. Dealing with energy provision regularly throws up new challenges for us. Finding new solutions is something we work towards on a daily basis, together with our customers and partners. PERFECTLY IN TUNE WITH YOU refers not only to people in the context of their spatial environment, but also to individuals in relation to their time. Considering the interrelation of people, space and time is our formula for the optimum indoor environment.