One Ocean Foundation
Sustainability for the oceans

WOLF is committed to sustainability beyond its operational business and to focusing on the protection of the world's oceans. WOLF is supporting the One Ocean Foundation - a non-profit organisation working to protect the oceans - in its mission to preserve the marine environment by accelerating solutions to ocean problems.

The One Ocean Foundation, an Italian-based organization, has initiated and developed 146 projects and activities directed by its Scientific Committee of renowned marine scientists and sustainability experts. Members include professors from Bocconi University and the Institute of Polar Sciences in Venice. The scope of their work ranges from efforts in the Blue Economy research, as the latest globally focused report “Business for Ocean Sustainability” to educational campaigns, directly involving universities and schools, and all the way to more hands-on activities such as local beach and river clean ups.

"The Adventure of Water"
Educational project on water for schools

The project is mainly aimed primary school pupils, who will discover how man has learned to channel water and exploit its strength. With its Illustrated contents, The adventure of water describes the issues threatening the health of marine ecosystems, and clearly shows the young participants the positive behavior they can adopt for a more sustainable future.

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"No plastic in the Ocean"
Together against plastic in the sea

Initiatives which will allow the One Ocean Foundation and its partners to collect tons of discarded plastic. Thanks to collaborations with local partners, plastics are collected, traced and re-entered into the production cycle, favoring the development of a circular economy.

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"Canyon of Caprera"
An offshore sanctuary in the Mediterranean

The One Ocean Foundation has launched the “Canyon of Caprera” project, in collaboration with the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, the University of Insubria and the association SeaMe Sardinia Onlus. Through a multi-year research on the pelagic cetaceans present in an area of sea between 15 and 30 miles from Capo Ferro in Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, One Ocean Foundation aims to candidate the area as an important marine mammal area (IMMA), in order to support its conservation.

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"Charta Smeralda"
Ethical code of conduct

The Charta Smeralda is an ethical code of conduct promoting principles and actions to protect the ocean. It was created to raise awareness among the general public, businesses and all stakeholders, of the urgent need to address the most critical problems affecting the ocean and marine and coastal ecosystems. It aims to define concrete, immediate and solution-focused areas of intervention.

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You can find more projects on the One Ocean Foundation website.

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WOLF is Partner
of the One Ocean Foundation

On the occasion of the beginning of the UN Ocean Decade, WOLF GmbH joins partners Rolex, Audi, Allianz and Intesa Sanpaolo in supporting the One Ocean Foundation.

“More than 20 percent of the energy consumed in Europe can be traced back to the heating and cooling of private households,” commented Dr. Thomas Kneip, Chairman of the Management Board of WOLF GmbH. Huge amounts of energy and CO2 can be saved by using groundbreaking heat pumps, climate-friendly condensation boiler technology, solar thermal energy and efficient room ventilation systems with heat recovery. Reductions in CO2emissions are not only important to reduce global warming, but also to slow down ocean acidification, a major ocean issue leading to the decline of biodiversity and ecosystem productivity.

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Business for Ocean Sustainability

The One Ocean Foundation's multi-year research on the Blue Economy.

The One Ocean Foundation, in collaboration with SDA Bocconi, McKinsey & Company and the CSIC, has committed to a multi-year research project aimed at measuring the impact of business on the marine ecosystem. “Business for Ocean Sustainability” examines the relationship between ocean sustainability and the economy by adopting a new investigative perspective.

The research studies the level of awareness as well as the strategies and innovative practices adopted by companies to reduce their pressures on marine and coastal ecosystems.

Business for Ocean Sustainability -
Focus-Fashion Industry

Business for Ocean Sustainability – Focus–Fashion Industry” based on an in-depth analysis of the sustainability reports of 28 fashion companies, academic publications, statistical data, government reports and practitioner-based literature. The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest manufacturing industries and, at the same time, it is considered one of the most polluting industries in the world.

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Business for Ocean Sustainability -
A Global Perspective

“Business for Ocean Sustainability – A Global Perspective” a global vision of companies and their responses in terms of strategies and actions, presented at the annual event organized by the United Nations for World Oceans Day.

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