New Comfort mechanical ventilation unit CWL-2

Making good things even better: Wolf presents new Comfort living space ventilation with heat recovery CWL-2

The CWL Comfort mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery is one of Wolf’s well-established central ventilation units. The healthy indoor environment specialist has written the next chapter in its success story: Wolf’s CWL-2 is a completely new development which sets new standards in terms of performance, comfort, installation and maintenance. The CWL-2 will be initially available in two sizes with air flow rates of 325 m³/h and 400 m3/h and up to 99% heat recovery.


Practical technology

Thanks to the aerodynamic internal configuration and cutting edge components, the appliance runs extremely quietly, even at high speeds. Wolf ventilation units are easy to combine with the new flow and maintenance-optimised UniAir design valves: a combination of attractive design with extremely quiet operation.

The new “Constant-Flow” control system uses an impeller anemometer to make precise flow rate measurements to ensure that the right amount of fresh air is provided at all times and in every situation. This provides greater convenience and a healthy room environment in combination with intelligent system modules for heating and cooling, e.g. the new CHA Monoblock heat pump.

The CWL-2 thinks for you

The CWL-2 also provides the established and popular features of the CWL series, such as a fully automatic bypass and frost protection with an integrated preheater coil. No need to worry about the air being too dry: A version with an enthalpy heat exchanger is also available. The CWL-2 is quick and easy to install, as you would expect from a Wolf product. The appliances also provide a variety of features which make them more convenient to maintain and operate, like an installation assistant.

Optional connections are also available for the Wolf BM-2 control unit and a variety of sensors for needs-based ventilation, e.g. CO₂, humidity or air quality. Whenever there is a need to change the filter, this is indicated directly on the unit, the BM-2 or the 4-step switch. Filter class ISO Coarse 60% (G4) is installed as standard. ePM1 50% (F7) is available as an optional accessory.

For more information go to www.wolf.eu/en/professionals/mechanical-ventilation-system/comfort-domestic-ventilation-cwl-2/

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