Reference Grammar School Rosenheim

Karolinen-Gymnasium in Rosenheim equipped with WOLF ventilation system

In the course of the general renovation and expansion of the Karolinen Secondary School Rosenheim, a fresh air concept was developed for the school building based on modern air handling appliances. A healthy room climate is ensured by continuous air exchange adapted to the various room conditions. The systems from WOLF GmbH, located in Mainburg, guarantee that all the air in the rooms is exchanged on average every 17 minutes.

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, this makes it easier to comply with the hygiene rules, which require regular ventilation for protection against the new virus. While protection against infection is the highest priority in schools, the high air exchange rate offers other advantages as well. In fully occupied classrooms, CO2 concentrations can rise quickly, resulting in fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Filtering of the outdoor air also eliminates pollen, allowing students and teachers with allergies to breathe a sigh of relief.

The air handling units also offer tremendous energy-saving potential to assist with the climate protection goals for 2030. With efficient heat recovery at an efficiency of up to 90 percent, there are major environmental as well as economic benefits compared with window ventilation. This prevents the costly thermal energy from being released into the environment unused.

“In the Karolinen Secondary School project, we studied the various options carefully and finally decided on installation of a modern ventilation system. This will reduce ventilation heat losses and ensure a high air quality for students and teachers,” says Markus Pletschacher, Director of Central Building Management for the city of Rosenheim.

Ventilation units will be installed in both the new addition and the existing building during the planned renovations. Alongside the classrooms and teachers’ offices, they will also supply fresh air to the sanitary facilities. Huber & Co GmbH, located in Rechtmehring, will install a modular air handling unit from WOLF as well as 47 compact ventilation units. The modular system will be centrally installed and connected to the supplied rooms via a duct system. In contrast, the compact units will operate independently from each other in the remaining rooms. A high-efficiency compact ventilation unit (CGL) from WOLF can ensure that an average classroom (about 65 m²) has its entire air replaced up to 3.5 times per hour.

“In most schools, windows cannot always provide adequate ventilation, plus lots of energy is unnecessarily lost. This is why we have outfitted roughly 300 schools around the country with high-quality air handling units in the last twelve months alone. The current example in Rosenheim shows that such installations are possible and effective not only in new buildings but also in existing buildings. But demand remains high since fewer than 10 percent of school buildings across Germany have this technology installed,” says Norbert Gruber, Director Sales Air Handling Systems at WOLF GmbH.

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