Oil condensing boiler of the next generation:
the new WOLF COB-2

Wolf launched the COB oil condensing boiler in 2008. Just a few weeks later, the completely new appliance was chosen as a test winner by German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest. Building on the proven technology of the bestseller, the series has been the focus of thorough further development for the new COB-2.

The end product building on many years of experience: the COB-2

The new COB-2 is available in four versions with a rated heating output of between 15 and 40 kW and is perfectly suitable for new builds or modernisation projects. The COB-2 is based on Wolf’s decades of experience with oil condensing boiler technology. In addition to maximising efficiency, Wolf decided that the COB-2 should also be simple to maintain while also focusing on reliability and longevity. Long-term tested components such as aluminium/silicon heat exchangers and robust ceramic flues guarantee the highest level of operational safety.

The new COB-2 is efficient in terms of both oil and power consumption. This removes the need for electric oil preheating. The two-level appliance also automatically adapts to demand and manages with a power-saving 3 watts in standby. Wolf has also taken sustainability into account: As an alternative, the COB-2 can also be operated with B10 bio oil without any problems. The new generation of condensing boilers is also extremely quiet (COB-2-15: 53 dB(A)).

Small room - no problem

The new COB-2 condensing boilers come in a compact refrigerator-style format. They take up just 0.34 m² and can be installed in a corner, making them ideal for extremely small rooms. The COB-2’s robust frame and optimised ease of carrying mean that it can be easily integrated in small or cramped rooms. The COB-2 oil condensing boiler is 100% compatible with the previous COB generation.

The COB-2 is a compact unit which makes the best possible use of the space available as it can be connected to optimally coordinated Wolf components. The TS-160 and TR-160 DHW cylinders can be easily installed to increase the condensing effect. It can also be optimally combined with the WOLF CWL-T-300 mechanical ventilation unit for a visually perfect appearance in the most confined spaces. All of this together in an area covering less than 1 m².

Easy maintenance and operation

The boiler is operated using the intuitive Wolf BM-2 control unit. The commissioning assistant identifies Wolf components and guides the user directly and successfully through the configuration. The Wolf Flip&Clean system with an integrated workbench, the central plug and the single-piece mixer head make the COB-2 an extremely maintenance-friendly appliance. With the Wolf Link home internet interface, integrating the appliance into a smart home system is child’s play. This makes it possible to monitor the system and implement optimisations remotely, or connect it up with Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa.

For more information go to www.wolf.eu/en/professionals/oil-condensing/oil-condensing-boiler-cob-2/ Oil condensing boiler COB-2

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