Wolf CRL evo max

New compact class appliances with thermal wheel heat exchangers for air volumes of up to 20,000 m³/h

Wolf’s new CRL evo max is a compact ventilation unit which is easy to install and offers a variety of flexible configuration options. The unit is an addition to the existing CRL series, which was capable of handling air volumes between 1,300 and 9,000 m³/h. The new product is available in the ratings 11,000 m³/h, 13,500 m³/h, 16,500 m³/h and 19,500 m³/h. It has a thermal wheel heat exchanger and is factory-fitted with an advanced, integrated and device-specific control system. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and complies in terms of hygiene with the applicable VDI 6022 guideline. In addition, the compact unit is Eurovent- and RLT-certified as standard.

Outstanding quality and wide range of options

CRL evo max offers outstanding housing values: thermal bridge factor TB2, thermal insulation T2 and leak class L1. For ease of use, it has a compact three-section housing with white powder coating (RAL 9016). A five-section housing is also available. Each appliance is fitted with ISO ePM1 (50 %) short bag filters in accordance with ISO 16890 (EN 779 F7) and ISO ePM10 (50 %) filters in accordance with ISO 16890 (EN 779 M5). The appliance can also be fitted with an optional second filter stage. A carbon filter can also be fitted on the extract side to avoid odours caused by the supply air.

As with the previous CRL, the new product uses the proven thermal wheel heat exchanger with patented labyrinth seal. This achieves an air-tightness of 98% that is unrivalled in the industry and thus exceeds the requirements of Class 1 of DIN EN 16798-3 based on the outdoor air correction factor. Customers can choose between condensation, enthalpy and sorption rotors. A variety of extension options are available, such various heating and cooling coils, silencer modules and filter modules. Clima-Split systems are tailored to the appliances and provide a great deal of flexibility for customers. Wolf can provide everything required, from heating through to ventilation and cooling, all in a single package.

More information about the different thermal wheel heat exchanger versions is available at: www.wolf.eu/en/air-handling-expert/technology/heat-recovery/thermal-wheel-heat-exchanger/ Thermal wheel heat exchanger

Easy handling and commissioning

The compact unit is fitted with Wolf Easy Lifting System components. These make transport onto or into a building much easier, and the installation of these functional units becomes quicker and more accurate. No additional drilling is required for commissioning purposes as the test connectors for evaluating the system are installed as standard. The connection panel makes it easy to connect up the power line and control cable. All models have a quick lock system which allows the filter to be changed in seconds.

Cost-effective operation

A corrosion-resistant thermal wheel heat exchanger is used for heat recovery. This provides a temperature transfer rate of up to 90% in accordance with VDI 3803/5 and return moisture rates of up to over 90%. This significantly reduces the primary energy costs for any heating and cooling systems which are used. An optional boost damper is also available for the high-speed heating of buildings or individual rooms with no need for outdoor air. This saves owners a lot of energy and money as it makes it possible to heat up areas without the need for cold outdoor air.

Additional information about the WOLF CRL evo max compact ventilation units is available at: www.wolf.eu/en/air-handling-expert/products-systems/compact-units/crl/crl-evo-max/

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