What are the benefits
WOLF can offer?

A good indoor environment is also a matter of trust. With WOLF heating systems, ventilation units and cylinders, you can rely on Made in Germany quality.

By opting for WOLF, you can be confident that all system components are perfectly matched. This is important if you are looking for the optimum indoor environment. Through innovative control modules in conjunction with heating systems, ventilation units and cylinders, you can use our appliances to create just the right living space environment for you. Customised for you and your family.

All our appliances are manufactured at our factory in Mainburg, in the Bavaria region of Germany, and are subject to German standards. This not only means that our products are Made in Germany, but also that social workplace standards are high. And in some cases, we even surpass them:

  • With our WOLF 5 year guarantee, we vouch for the quality of our products


The need for heat, water and air has existed since the dawn of humankind. We create the right conditions to ensure that in the 21st century, you have an optimum indoor environment in your home. Find out more here about the WOLF brand and how it can contribute to your wellbeing.

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