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Understanding building services centres

Modern building services are complex: they include not only heat and domestic hot water production but also cooling and ventilation. The latest systems ensure a healthy and comfortable living space while also integrating environmentally friendly technology and energy efficiency.

Modern building services

Current systems not only ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment, they also integrate environmentally friendly technology and are energy efficient.

But the installation and coordination of various individual appliances is labour-intensive and difficult. A building services centre, on the other hand, offers all of these functions in a single unit – now that’s a true all-rounder.

01. What makes a building services centre so effective

Hybrid systems – in other words, combinations of various heat generators – are growing ever more complex. At the same time, the risk of losses due to interference between the different components also rises:

  • Example 1: On a sunny summer morning, the solar thermal system should get to work and harvest environmentally friendly solar energy.

    But the heating boiler already fully heated up the heat storage cylinder at six in the morning. As a result, the solar heat remains unused.
  • Example 2: A highly efficient heat pump is connected to a standard heat storage cylinder that is not designed for the required flow rate of the pump.

    The result: No temperature stratification can be established in the cylinder. The heat pump enters into inefficient operating states and consumes much more electricity than intended.
  • Example 3: The mechanical ventilation system and heat pump come from different manufacturers. As a result, they do not work together optimally and the components take up a lot of space.

But this complexity and inefficiency can be avoided. A building services centre might be the right solution. As a complete package, all building services components are combined here into a single unit, ensuring that they work together smoothly.

WOLF Building Services Centre

02. A complete package

- that bundles many benefits

A building services centre comprises everything a house needs for domestic hot water, heating and ventilation. Even mild cooling for summer can be included. The central control unit manages the generation, storage and distribution of heat and coordinates all this with the cooling and mechanical ventilation. This perfect coordination is the greatest strength of a building services centre.

Save costs

Saving costs

Eligible for subsidies

Under certain conditions, building services centres qualify for state subsidies, which could help defray your purchase and installation expenses.

Environmentally friendly & cost-effective

Building services centres can also operate as part of an integrated energy management system, which connects the classic areas of heating, cooling and ventilation with the power supply for your house if you produce your own electricity with a photovoltaic system.

In this case, the system ensures that your home makes optimal use of your photovoltaic electricity. When all appliances in the home have been supplied with power, the excess photovoltaic electricity is sent directly to the heat pump to produce heat.

The control unit also makes the heat storage cylinder warm up several degrees higher than necessary in order to use as much of your photovoltaic electricity as possible. This increases your own consumption of the green electricity, saves on the expense of grid power and improves the energy independence of your home.

All of this is good for the environment and also reduces your energy costs. Read more



Little installation effort

A building services centre is simple to install. After all, the heating installer is spared the effort of having to install variety of individual appliances.

Because the components of the building services centre fit together in a modular way, they can also be easily moved through narrow doorways. Once they reach the cellar, there are only a few more steps to complete before the centre is ready for operation. Read more

Modest space requirements

A good building services centre only needs an area of one square meter, so it takes up less space than individual appliances.

Smartset advantages

Simple control

App-based control

You also benefit directly from the simple operation. Thanks to modern networking, you can operate and monitor your building services over the internet or with a special app.

Building services centres can also usually communicate with smart home systems. Some can be controlled by products like Alexa. Read more

Everything from a single source

Your heating installer will also have a much easier time configuring the system control. With a building services centre, everything is managed by a single programming unit.

03. Extremely efficient complete package

The CHT Monoblock from WOLF is a typical example of a building services centre. This building services centre contains a highly efficient and extremely quiet air-to-water heat pump.

The heat pump is not only a sight to behold, it can also provide cooling in the summer. It does this by reversing the direction of the heat pump and operating like a refrigerator.

The heart of this building services centre is the heat pump centre, which is installed inside. This includes the control unit and the heat storage cylinder. WOLF offers versions with 180 or 280 litres capacity for domestic hot water – with or without an additional buffer cylinder.

The ventilation module with highly efficient heat recovery completes the package for a fully capable building services centre.
  • Building services centres in new buildings

    In a new building, a building services centre such as the WOLF CHT Monoblock is an ideal solution since it is optimised for an energy-efficient, well-insulated building. The air ducts required for controlled mechanical ventilation are also easy to install.

    According to a building standard published by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), a building services centre should always be the first choice for a KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus. This is because it combines efficient heating technology with photovoltaic electricity from your own roof.

  • Building services centres in renovation projects

    There are a number of prerequisites in older buildings to be met in order for building services centres to truly shine. For example, it doesn’t make sense to fit a poorly insulated house with controlled mechanical ventilation.

    Improved insulation, including new windows and doors, can only be effectively combined with such a ventilation system in a comprehensive renovation project. If you are installing a heat pump, you should probably at least replace the old radiators with panel heating.

    The best route is to consult a heating installer for advice.

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04. A system designed for the future

The building services centre combines all components for heat, ventilation and cooling into a single system. In many cases, when combined with underfloor heating, it can cool in the summer and heat in the winter – ideal conditions for an optimal indoor atmosphere.


A building services centre is always an interesting option if you have or are planning on a photovoltaic system. Especially with an older photovoltaic system, for which the energy feed-in compensation will soon be ending, you can make effective use of your homemade electricity with the heat pump and controlled mechanical ventilation. If the feed-in compensation for the photovoltaic power is lower than the current electricity price, it naturally also makes sense to use the energy yourself.


The controlled mechanical ventilation also ensures a continuous supply of fresh air, so mould won’t stand a chance. With a highly efficient heat pump and heat recovery in the mechanical ventilation, the building services centre only uses a small amount of energy and saves a good deal of money compared with a standard heating setup.

This is especially true when combined with photovoltaic panels on your roof. In this case, the building services centre is as easy on the environment as on your wallet.


Our recommendation: The WOLF CHT-Monoblock

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