Project: New construction heat pump

Environmental heat for an apartment block

New build apartment house

  • The exclusive location of the new building with four residential units is intended to meet the usual upmarket demands there.

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  • Nevertheless, the client is looking for the most economical solutions possible for his project in order to master the balancing act between economical investment and modern, environmentally compatible construction methods.

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Low-cost and ecological heating

The project involves building a new apartment block near Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria. The developer will be using a split heat pump for the heating system. Read on to find out the reasons for their decision.

A modern, economical solution

The planned building is not intended for personal use. Instead, the developer wishes to sell it on soon after completion. Its location in one of the most popular residential areas and holiday destinations in Bavaria is ideal for this purpose.


On the other hand, potential buyers will expect high-end fittings and cutting-edge technology. Environmental considerations also play a role. The developer will have to meet these demands.

Challenges of the new building project

The cost of investing in an apartment building will be recouped over time by rental revenue. After this payback period, it will yield a profit. This is not the case for properties built for sale. The investor must obtain sales proceeds that are high enough to cover their investment and make a profit. In other words, they must keep the cost of construction as low as possible.


Yet, to achieve an acceptable selling price, the building must come up to an appropriately high standard for the region in question. This applies not only to the materials used for flooring, windows etc. but also to a heating and ventilation system with a long service life.

WOLF split heat pump

Reasons for the chosen system

The builder opts for a modern split heat pump. He forgoes solar heating in favour of a photovoltaic system.

01. Efficient, tried-and-tested system

Heating systems that use environmental heat are technologically mature, efficient and durable. They are not only suitable for privately owned homes, they can also reliably supply apartment blocks with heat and hot water. Natural gas and heating oil will progressively increase in price due to the CO2 tax on fossil fuels enacted in 2021. The operator can render themselves immune from these rising prices by using a new split heat pump heating system.

02. Environmentally friendly heating

The heating system obtains the majority of the power it requires from the environment free of charge. No fossil energy sources of any kind are consumed. As a result, the heat pump does not release any CO2 or particulate matter into the atmosphere. If a photovoltaic system is used to generate the electricity needed for the heat pump, the heating system becomes nearly climate-neutral.

House with heat pump

03. Space-saving and quiet

The heating system in question is a split system. It is divided into an outdoor and an indoor appliance, which takes up less installation space indoors. Also, the noisier appliance section is located outside so it will not disturb any of the new apartment owners. Furthermore, the appliance has a night mode that is even quieter.

04. Pleasant and healthy indoor environment

New buildings are characterised by being well-insulated and having almost air-tight building envelopes, amongst other things. However, the upshot is that there is no natural exchange of air between the building’s interior and the exterior environment. This makes a controlled home ventilation system indispensable.


The ventilation system brings fresh air into the building and extracts the used air. It also removes excessive moisture and prevents the risk of mould formation in the building. A heat exchanger removes the heat contained in the extract air and uses it to warm the supply air. In this way, barely any heat is lost from the building due to ventilation.

Product solutions for the project

After consulting an expert, the developer decided to opt for WOLF products. All of these appliances can be perfectly combined, have outstanding modern aesthetics and a generous five-year guarantee.

WOLF Split heat pump BWL-1S(B)

BWL-1S(B) split heat pump

The 16 kW BWL-1S(B)-16 model is the most powerful appliance in the series and has ample capacity to provide heating and DHW heating for all apartments. It can even be used for cooling in summer.

WOLF Hot water tank

SEW DHW cylinder

The heating system is designed to allow the heating circuit to be connected directly. But the occupants do not need a continuous supply of hot water.

Therefore, it is better to store it in a storage cylinder. This prevents the heating system having to switch on every time hot water is required.

WOLF decentralised living space ventilation CWL-D-70

CWL-D-70 ventilation unit

The ventilation units are used in a decentralised configuration. This means that every residential unit has multiple separate appliances.

In this way, the air supply can be controlled as required and separately from the other occupants.

Sounds complicated? Not for us!

It can be complex and time-consuming to find the right solution for your home. We can help you to understand everything that is really relevant to your project in only a few minutes.

Powerhouse for the apartment block heating system

The new heating system is very well equipped to provide heating and DHW heating in the new apartment block – and all without using fossil fuels. The ventilation system also keeps the indoor environment healthy and pleasant and prevents mould from forming in the building.


All of this increases the value of the building considerably. So the developer has a good chance of making an agreeable profit from the planned sale.

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