Project: Gas condensing boiler and solar thermal

Gas condensing & solar thermal technology

Newly built detached house

  • For the couple, one thing is clear: if they are going to invest in a new building, then it should be a solid, solid house - and the heating technology should also be robust.
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  • Reliable and low maintenance: The heating engineer you trust should install a well-tuned and easy-to-operate heating system. In addition, there are regulations to be observed in new buildings.
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Robust heating technology for the golden years

Wolfgang and Maria have both had long working lives and will soon be retiring. They are now taking on the challenge of building a new home.

Using local expertise

Wolfgang and Maria have lived in their home village in Swabia all their lives. Now that they are approaching retirement age, they are taking the opportunity to invest in a house of their own. They inherited a plot of land in the village and have enough savings to cover their retirement and to build a house fit for their golden years.


The couple have always lived frugally and now also prefer to choose a smaller house with 120 m2 of living space. They want it to be a sturdy, brick-built house that retains its value. The couple put their trust in a local builder and heating contractor because they have known and respected them both for many decades.

Tried-and-tested technology is vital

Wolfgang and Maria have discussed heating technology thoroughly with their heating contractor. They want a reliable, robust heating system. One that they can be sure won’t cause them any trouble.


Their heating contractor also advises them to integrate renewable energies into the new system. In this way, they can comply with the statutory requirements stipulating that renewable energies must be used in new buildings. And this makes their home even more economical and sustainable.


Elderly couple happy at home

Reasons for choosing hybrid gas & solar technology

Wolfgang and Maria have had good experiences with gas condensing appliances. Therefore, they will be combining a heating system of this type with solar thermal technology to create a hybrid system in their new home. 

01. Playing it safe with gas

The couple are familiar and comfortable with the system. After all, they know that their region can get very cold in winter. And a gas connection has already been organised – the perfect conditions for this tried-and-tested heating method.

02. Solar thermal system for hot water & heating

The building plot is on a slope and is suitable for a new building with a south-facing roof. And Wolfgang and Maria know that their region is very sunny.

The roof surface provides space for a high-performance solar thermal system and the planned cellar has enough room for the solar cylinder. So solar power will easily be able to cover about half of their heating requirements for the heating system and hot water.

03. Ventilate without wasting energy

Heating is one factor for creating a pleasant indoor climate. But good air quality is just as important. Therefore, Wolfgang and Maria agree to have their heating contractor install a ventilation system at the same time.


The decentralised ventilation system greatly reduces the cost of heating because a lot of warmth is lost every time a window is fully opened. This is no longer necessary with an automatic ventilation system, which also keeps the indoor air fresh and free of pollen.

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Coordinated components from a single supplier

After detailed consultation with their heating contractor, the couple decides to go with WOLF appliances. The company supplies all the separate components they need for their heating and ventilation system – individually selected to meet their requirements.

WOLF Gas condensing boilers CGB-2 family

Gas condensing appliances from the CGB-2 series

Wolfgang and Maria decide to buy a modulating WOLF CGB-2 boiler, a highly efficient way to heat their home.

The compact design of this wall-mounted appliance leaves plenty of spare floor space in the basement boiler room.

WOLF flat-plate collectors F3-1 and CFK-1

Flat-plate collectors

The WOLF F3-1 is the most popular solar collector made by WOLF.

The robust, fully sealed aluminium enclosure makes this solar heat generator especially durable and prevents leaks.

WOLF decentralised living space ventilation CWL-D-70

CWL-D-70 mechanical ventilation unit

The decentralised WOLF CWL-D-70 has many benefits: it can be installed particularly easily, quickly and cheaply.

Wolfgang and Maria are also pleased that the CWL-D-70 can use the fresh night-time air to provide indoor cooling in summer.

Modern control unit

Wolfgang is impressed by the WOLF control unit because it coordinates the various heating system components perfectly. An intelligent algorithm also ensures that solar heat is always given priority and that sufficient capacity is left in the solar cylinder by the gas boiler reheating function. In this way, Wolfgang and Maria can make optimum use of free solar heat.

Future-proof system

By using solar heat, Wolfgang and Maria can heat their home in a more economical and environmentally friendly manner and the gas heating system lets them fall back on a tried-and-tested solution. This is an excellent combination that takes advantage of the benefits of both heating methods.

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