Project: Gas hybrid with heat pump

Gas & heat pump heating system

Newly built detached house

  • The couple is building a 250 m² house for themselves and their three growing children in their Lower Bavarian hometown - and is looking for a solution for a powerful yet energy-efficient heating system.
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  • Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly heating are important to Frederik and Stefanie. But even more important to them is solid heating technology: it should heat their large living space completely and also work reliably when many people need hot water.
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Energy efficiency and sufficient heating output

Frederik and Stefanie have a large family, which also means they need a lot of hot water. A hybrid heating system combining a heat pump with a gas boiler is very convenient and uses renewable energy sources.


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Frederik and Stefanie are building a nest for the whole family

Frederik and Stefanie have long dreamt of a having a large home with ample room for the whole family. The couple are both in their mid-forties and want to give their three teenaged children as much freedom as possible, To this end, the new building will have a sizable living space of 250 m².


The house is being built on a developed site provided by Stefanie’s parents. Therefore, they are considering combining an efficient heat pump heating system with the existing gas connection.


Challenge: a comfortable home all year long

This large family wants to make use of all the living space from the attic to the cellar. They also have friends and relatives round on a regular basis who often stay overnight. So they need modern levels of home comfort at all times of year.


Frederik and Stefanie want the heating system to have sufficient reserve capacity to provide interior heating and hot water for the large house even when many different people are using the shower, cooking and heating rooms all at the same time. They are entrusting the specialist company of their choice with finding the best way to manage this using the available technology.

Project: New construction heat pump

Why use gas, environmental heat & ventilation

The family can heat their home sustainably and save money at the same time by using a hybrid system consisting of gas heating plus heat pump and mechanical ventilation – all without fearing any loss of comfort.

01. Using environmental energy

Nowadays, heat pump heating systems are installed in over 50% of new buildings. They provide climate-friendly heat production using free environmental heat.

02. Gas: a reliable energy source

Their expert consultants recommend combining a heat pump with a modern gas condensing boiler to stay on the safe side in all situations and because the site is already connected to the gas mains.


As gas heating is always available on demand, the large family can easily and conveniently compensate for short periods that require more heating.

03. Ventilation unit for healthy air

Depending on the model and design, heat pumps can be used as a central heating backup and to provide gentle cooling in summer. This eliminates the need for expensive and inefficient air conditioning systems. In combination with a home ventilation system, this guarantees that the family will be comfortable not only in the cold Bavarian winter but also when the summer sun is beating down on the roof.


Frederik and Stefanie’s children have often suffered from headaches and concentration problems in the past. For this reason, healthy indoor air is especially important to them in their new house.


Product solutions for Frederik and Stefanie

Frederik and Stefanie are impressed by the price, performance and quality of WOLF’s perfectly coordinated solutions. The consistent design of the appliances blends in well with the traditional look of the house.

WOLF CHA heat pump

CHA monoblock heat pump

The WOLF CHA has an output of 7 kW and is the perfect size for the family’s requirements.

The WOLF monoblock can be used for cooling or heating in combination with an underfloor heating system.

WOLF Gas condensing boilers CGB-2 family

CGB-2 series of gas condensing boilers

Frederik and Stefanie have chosen the WOLF CGB-2. This model can adapt flexibly to the demand in their home.

The monoblock provides the majority of central heating backup, so Frederik and Stefanie only need a small 14-kW boiler. This is more than enough to provide reserve capacity for when heating requirements are higher.

WOLF Living space ventilation CWL-2

CWL-2 mechanical ventilation unit

The WOLF CWL-2 is the most compact solution in its performance class and works very efficiently and quietly.

Its high heat recovery rate and easy maintenance make this system the perfect solution for an evenly distributed air flow.

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Efficient heating solution for large living spaces

Frederik and Stefanie’s large house poses a particular challenge when it comes to comfort. They want to keep all rooms at pleasant temperatures for the occupants all year long and from the attic to the cellar. In particular, they want the system to always be able to meet the fluctuating hot water requirements.


The reliable and efficient solution consists of a WOLF heat pump combined with a gas condensing boiler as reserve capacity plus a home ventilation system for a healthy indoor climate. Due to the compact design of all appliances, the family only have to give up a small amount of precious space.

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