Oil Condensing Boiler

Modern condensing technology for single-family to multi-family houses - the WOLF COB-2.

Powerful and awarded by Stiftung Warentest - the COB from WOLF is our most popular and most sought-after oil condensing boiler. Based on the proven technology of a bestseller, the new COB-2 is the logical further development of the series.

The COB-2 convinces with its economical, low-emission and efficient oil combustion. In contrast to old oil boilers, combustion in modern condensing boilers of this generation is particularly clean. Whether low-sulphur heating oil or bio-oil (B10), it heats easily with all common heating oil qualities.

Put together your own individual building services centre: The COB-2 can be ideally expanded with the hot water stratified tank to the COB-2-TS 160 or with the spiral pipe tank to the COB-2-TR 160.

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  • Only from WOLF: The elimination of electric oil preheating considerably reduces electricity costs.
  • Space-saving: The WOLF oil condensing boilers fit into almost any installation situation, require only 0.34 m2 of floor space and can be installed in a corner like a refrigerator.
  • Simple and intuitive to control via the BM-2 control element.
  • Smarthome-capable: Can optionally be operated directly via smartphone, tablet or PC via the integrable interface module WOLF Link home.
  • Quiet as a whisper thanks to integrated silencer.
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving: Efficient and clean combustion significantly reduces pollutant emissions.
  • Suitable for organic oil B5/B10, as well as low-sulphur and normal heating oil EL.
  • Future-proofed: Optimised for hybrid systems with WOLF heat pumps and solar thermal systems.
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Model / Performance
  • COB-2-15
  • COB-2-20
  • COB-2-29
  • COB-2-40
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Oil Condensing Boiler COB-2
Heating energy efficiency classAAAA
Rated heating output at 80/60°C9,2 / 14,7 kW13,4 / 19,5 kW18,9 / 28,8 kW27,4 - 38,5 kW
Rated heating output at 50/30°C 9,2 / 15,4 kW14,1 / 20,4 kW19,9 / 30,4 kW28,7 / 40,4 kW
Height1290 mm1290 mm1290 mm1490 mm
Width566 mm566 mm566 mm566 mm
Depth605 mm605 mm605 mm605 mm
Boiler weight92 kg92 kg92 kg92 kg