Gas condensing centre

Put your trust in the high tech successor to the WOLF test winner.

The stratification cylinder technology in the CGS-2L brings your house up to date with some of the latest developments in heating technology. This is because the "stratification cylinder principle" has a huge advantage compared to older technologies: it guarantees hot water quickly and simply, even in large quantities. Furthermore, advanced insulation technology prevents inefficient cooling, so you always get a consistent supply of hot water from your tap. And of course, the CGS-2L is extremely quiet in operation. Ideal for your detached or two-family house and your entire family if you need convenient and reliable DHW heating.

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Highest level of DHW convenience for detached and two-family houses.

The CGS-2L gas condensing centre offers you the highest level of convenience for heating and a central DHW supply. This floor-standing appliance has an integral water cylinder and is ideal for detached or two-family houses.

  • The stratification cylinder technology "sorts" the water by temperature and enables it to be utilised at precisely the right degree of temperature – allowing you to save up to 30 % energy
  • Thanks to booster technology, you can have enough hot water for a full bath in just a few minutes • A stainless steel DHW heat exchanger prevents heat losses and saves on heating costs
  • The CGS-2L is not only particularly powerful and efficient, but also operates extremely quietly
  • Simple and intuitive control with the WOLF BM-2 programming unit
  • Available with optional SmartHome interface for control on the go via WOLF Smartset app and SmartHome, and for remote diagnosis and maintenance by the contractor
  • Stylish, compact design
technische Zeichnung
Modell / Leistung
  • CGS-2-14/120L
  • CGS-2-20/160L
  • CGS-2-24/2000L
Modell wählen
Gas condensing centre CGS-2L
Model type CGS-2-14/120L CGS-2-20/160L CGS-2-24/200L


max. 14kWmax. 19kW max. 24kW


Condensing x x x
Conventional - - -

Combination with

Heat pump - - -
Solar - - -
Mechanical ventilation x x x

DHW heating 

Combi, integ. Instantaneous water heating - - -
integr. water cylinder x x x
ext. water cylinder - - -
DHW power output (l/Min) 161 199 215
cylinder size (equivalent) 120 160 200

Modulation range 50/30°

2,1-15,24,4-20,4 5,6-25,8

Energy efficiency class

Central heating A A A
DHW heating A A A

General info

Heating output (rated heat input)

Heating mode in (kW) 14kW 19kW 24kW
DHW heating in (kW) 13,5kW 22,2kW 27,1kW

Efficiency (standard seasonal efficiency)

at 40/30° (Hi/Hs) in % 110/99 110/99 110/99
at 75/60° (Hi/Hs) in % 107/96 107/96 107/96


Height (mm) 1462 1462 1462
Width (mm) 600 600 600
Depth (mm) 635 635 635
Total weight (kg) 84(35+49) 84(35+49) 84(35+49)

Noise level

max. dB46 47 48

Power consumption 

Standby (W) 3 3 3
Max. heating/DHW (W.) 93 110 135

WOLF SmartSet Ready

x x x

wiButler ready

x x x


The CGS-2L from WOLF allows you to benefit from innovative technologies that truly make your house a home.

No matter whether you need enough hot water in the mornings for all family members, or want to go from a warm and cosy living room into a cool bedroom in the evenings: with the CGS-2L, you'll never need to be concerned about any of this again. With our intuitive programming units, the WOLF Smartset app or a SmartHome control system, you now have precisely the right ambient conditions in every room in the house – both during the week, at the weekends and of course when on holiday, too.

We have even thought about the future for you as well: with our patented BLUE STREAM® technology, you can protect the environment and thereby the resources of tomorrow. In addition, the CGS-2L gives you the option of connecting a solar thermal system or mechanical ventilation unit in order to make your home into a sustainable oasis of wellbeing.