Wall mounted gas condensing boiler

Benefit from the highest heating standards with integral DHW heating.

The CGB-2K wall mounted gas condensing combi boiler operates with the most advanced condensing technology which makes highly efficient use of the fuel. Even the residual energy contained in the flue gas is reused here as part of the heat recovery process. This is good for the environment, saves valuable energy and provides optimum heating convenience. At the same time, the CGB-2K supplies you with fresh hot water, quickly and reliably –at any time of day.

The boiler is compatible with the control system from the WOLF product range and can be operated conveniently with your smartphone. The space saving CGB-2K is a wall mounted boiler and is ideal for renovation projects or installation in a new building.

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Operates to the highest standards for those who want to heat efficiently and have fresh hot water at the same time.

The CGB-2K provides you with the most advanced condensing technology for efficient heating and integral DHW heating. With this combi boiler, you can rely on fresh hot water being available for a shower or bath in no time at all. It operates extremely quietly thanks to the special internal insulation. This makes it ideal for apartments, or to be more precise for new build or modernisation projects.

  • Longer boiler service life and low fuel consumption thanks to a variable modulating output from as little as 3.8 kW
  • Protects the environment due to extremely low emissions
  • Simple and intuitive to operate via the BM-2 programming unit or WOLF Smartset app
  • Enough fresh hot water for a shower or bath is quickly available (from 24 kW output) thanks to the instantaneous water heating principle, i.e. the water flows through the stainless steel heat exchanger and is heated on the spot
  • Straightforward and time saving service for the contractor reduces your maintenance costs
  • Quiet operation thanks to special insulation inside the casing; even suitable for the living space
technische Zeichnung
Modell / Leistung
  • CGB-2K-20
  • CGB-2K-24
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Wall mounted gas condensing boiler CGB-2K
Model type CGB-2K-20 CGB-2K-24


max. 19kWmax. 24kW


Condensing x x
Conventional - -

Combination with

Heat pump - -
Solar - -
Mechanical ventilation - -

DHW heating

Combi, integ. Instantaneous water heating x x
integr. water cylinder - -
ext.water cylinder - -
DHW power output (l/Min) - -
memory size (equivalent) - -

Modulation range 50/30°

4,4 - 20,45,6 - 25,8

Energy efficiency class

central heating A A
DHW heating A A

General info

Heating output (rated heat input)

Heating mode in (kW) 19kW 24kW
DHW heating in (kW) 22,2kW 27,1kW

Efficiency (standard seasonal efficiency)

at 40/30° (Hi/Hs) in % 110/99 110/99
at 75/60° (Hi/Hs) in % 107/96 107/96

Dimensions/ weight

Height (mm) 790 790
Width (mm) 440 440
Depth (mm) 378 378
Total weight (kg) 33/35 33/35

Noise level

max. dB48 49

Power consumption

Standby (W) 3 3
max. heating/ DHW (W) 63 88

WOLF SmartSet Ready

x x

wiButler ready

x x


The CGB-2K wall mounted gas condensing combi boiler allows you to benefit from the highest standards for efficient heating and fresh hot water. The primary objective of our WOLF wall mounted condensing boilers is to help you achieve a complete sense of wellbeing in your own home. This naturally includes advanced condensing technology, which operates reliably and protects the environment.
Furthermore, with the CGB-2K, fresh hot water is available at all times, so you can enjoy a relaxing bath whenever you like. Intuitive and convenient controls, also available via your smartphone, free you up to focus on what really matters.