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New heating system

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Are you planning to buy a new heating system, or are you looking for the optimal heating for your new building? We’ll give you an overview of your various options. The state funding opportunities for a new, efficient heating system are more attractive than ever.

Which types of heating are possible?

The most popular heating systems, which we will explain to you in more detail below, include:

  • Gas condensing technology
  • Oil condensing technology
  • Heat pumps


Environmentally friendly solar thermal energy can be a valuable additional component, although it is usually not sufficient as a sole heating system. However, it can be combined very well with other heating systems and used for DHW heating.

Gas and oil heating

Modern gas and oil heating systems utilise proven condensing technology. To protect the environment, fossil fuels should be supplemented by renewable energies wherever possible.


Find out more about our modern gas and oil heating systems here. With condensing technology, the heat from the exhaust gas is made available for heating through a heat exchanger.

Heat pumps

A heat pump extracts energy from the environment and uses it for heating. Depending on the design, the heat is obtained from the ground, the groundwater or the air.

The installation of a heat pump is particularly useful for new buildings, but in principle it is also possible for existing buildings. In the second case, heat pumps are usually combined with other systems to create a new heating system.

The reason is that the building envelope was usually not designed in such a way that the heat pump alone can provide sufficient heat and hot water in winter.

Are you looking for a new heating system for new or old buildings?

The most popular heating technologies in new buildings include heat pumps and gas heating. If you are building from scratch, you have the option of optimally coordinating the heating, the building envelope, the interior fittings and the building services. For example, you can provide surface heating for walls or floors.


These run at significantly lower flow temperatures, resulting in a reduced heating demand, which is more environmentally friendly and saves heating costs. You can usually plan and install geothermal heat pumps without any problems. In the case of buildings of older generations, however, this is not so easy.


If it is an old building, you must take the existing heating infrastructure into account. After all, the installation of the new heating system should make economic sense. There are often old oil and gas heating systems in existing buildings. If you replace these with modern systems with condensing technology, you can save considerable amounts of energy. Hybrid systems are also recommended for older properties with an existing heating system.

New heating system with combined heat generation

In new buildings and especially in existing buildings, the combination of several heating systems is ideal to cover the heat demand. The following technologies make for particularly good teams.
  • Solar thermal and gas or oil heating

    A solar thermal system converts the incident solar radiation into heat that you can use for room heating and DHW heating. The fuel for this type of heating is delivered to the house free of charge and is also environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, we have little solar radiation when we need the most heating energy.


    It therefore is a good idea to combine a solar thermal system with an oil or gas heating system. With an existing gas or oil heating system, you can lower costs by adding a solar thermal system.

  • Heat pump and photovoltaics

    In order for the heat pump to work, it needs electricity. It is particularly environmentally friendly and also cheaper in the long term if you generate this electricity yourself using a photovoltaic system.

  • Heat pump and gas or oil heating

    Depending on the design of the heat pump and the energy status of the house, a heat pump may not be sufficient for room heating and DHW heating in winter. However, it can be easily combined with a conventional oil or gas heating system. A specialist can tell you which combination is most favourable and sensible for you under the given circumstances.


There are a number of interesting options when choosing a new heating system. You should rely on renewable energies now and in the future – even if only as an adjunct to conventional heating.


Find out in advance about the funding opportunities and benefit twice. Your heating contractor can provide you with valuable help. He is familiar with both heating technology and the respective funding opportunities.

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