Smarthome control
with Smartset app

Keep tabs on your building services from anywhere – with the WOLF Smartset app

Would you like to be able to control your heating system, even when you are not home? Or would you like to have the living room at just the right temperature when you return home from holiday? With the WOLF Smartset app, you can manage your heating system with ease via the ISM7 / Link home / Link pro interface modules using your smartphone. No matter where you may be. Manage your system while you're out and about and switch between different operating modes with ease. And you can also allow your heating contractor to remotely diagnose and adjust your system. You save not only money, but time as well, which you can now spend doing the really important things in life.

An award winning app

The WOLF smartset app has been awarded the Plus X Award 1017/18 and it has been rated the best app for building services by Focus Money.

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The app for easy management of your HVAC and solar thermal systems.

Control your heating system with ease using your smartphone, tablet or computer: with the WOLF Smartset app and the ISM7i or ISM7e interface module, you now have access to your building services at any time.

  • Simple and intuitive operation allows you to manage your WOLF building services with ease and comfort
  • Select your personal operating mode and create time programs, e.g. for heating and hot water
  • Fault messages and a fault history are displayed directly on your smartphone or sent to you by email, making it easy for your contractor to remotely diagnose problems
  • You get the whole picture: the WOLF Smartset app displays all the relevant temperatures and operating conditions
  • An internet connection is only established when allowed by you
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Smarthome control with Smartset app

Did I turn the heating down?" In future, a quick look at your smartphone will suffice to answer this question, because with our Smartset app, you have a complete overview of your WOLF building services. You can also restart ventilation or DHW heating with just a few clicks, for example when you are on the way home from holiday. Simply connect our free app to your heating system, solar thermal system or mechanical ventilation system and use your smartphone to ensure the ideal indoor environment – no matter whether you are sitting comfortably on the sofa or are away on holiday. Our app shows you at a glance whether everything is running smoothly, and if there do happen to be any problems, you will receive an automatic email from our system. By authorising your installer or the WOLF Service Team to access your system, we can resolve many issues without having to come out to see you.

Your WOLF building services are perfectly in tune with you

  • Integration of heating, air handling, ventilation, solar & CHP
  • Programming of times and days of the week
  • Cost reduction thanks to predefined economy mode
  • Automatic ventilation mode with integrated protection against damp
  • Keeping an eye on your feel-good climate
  • Overview of all technical details of the system
  • Authorising your installer to access your building services
  • Direct messages in the case of faults
  • Server "Hosted in Germany"

System requirements

  • LAN/WLAN router
  • WOLF system with interface module / Link home / Link pro
  • For access via internet: internet connection and WOLF portal server registration


Make the switch to an intelligent home and enjoy managing and monitoring your HVAC and solar thermal systems with the utmost ease.

With the WOLF Smartset app, you can manage your heating system with ease and comfort from your smartphone. All you need is the ISM7 / Link home / Link pro interface module to connect your building services to the internet. Once you have downloaded our app, you can operate and adjust your building services from anywhere. Whether you're on holiday, at the office or travelling: you stay connected with your home and can manage your heating or ventilation system remotely. And during the summer, you can sit on your balcony and enjoy the yield from your solar thermal system, displayed for you easily and intuitively by our app.

Would you like to test the WOLF Smartset app?

The WOLF Smartset app is available for Android and iOS.
Demo application of the Smartset app by WOLF

Would you like to get a feeling for Smarthome and try it? That's easy - just download the app at Google Play Store or App Store for free and use the demo application. 

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